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Social interaction experiences from the perspective of children with speech, language and communication needs (SoPeKi)

Duration: 2019-2024

Objectives: To explore the experience of social interaction described by children with speech, language and communition needs. Furthermore the study aimes to provide approaches which can be used (by speech and language therapists) for listening to childrens‘ experiences of their interaction with others.

Method: The study uses the Grounded Theory Methodology (Strauss & Corbin, 1996) with a focus on self-reflection (Breuer et al. 2018). The research process is characterised by theoretical sampling and an iterative process. Participants are children (8-10 yrs.) with diagnosed speech, language and communication need (SLCN). The study comprises two semi-structured and art-based interviews with each child at home. The interviews will be analysed according to the coding phases of the (Reflexive) Grounded Theory Methodology.

Publication: Schierholz, M.-L., Hansen, H. & Neumann, S. (2020, 20-21 November). Soziale Interaktionserfahrungen aus der Perspektive eines Kindes mit sprachlich-kommunikativem Unterstützungsbedarf (skU) [Posterpräsentation]. 11. Interdisziplinäre Tagung über Sprachentwicklungsstörungen (ISES XI), Phillips Universität Marburg, Deutschland.

Cooperation partners: Professor Dr Hilke Hansen, Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences.

Contact persons: Marie-Luise Schierholz, Professor Dr Sandra Neumann

Logo Credit: ©Marie-Luise Schierholz