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+++ cancelled +++ "Normativities of Faith" – Conference of the Theological Research Centre

"Normativities of Faith" is the title of a conference to which doctoral students from the Theological Research Centre at the University of Erfurt are inviting participants from 21 to 23 June at the "Bildungshaus St. Ursula" in Erfurt. Registration is now open.

The Catholic Church is in a far-reaching process of transformation. Institutions, structures, but also church programmes and the content of preaching are being criticised. Discussions will focus on reflecting on and scrutinising institutional structures and the essential content of faith.

The conference aims to shed light on the connection between the church crisis and the crisis of faith. How and by which authority is the content of faith formed and which levels have a formative and which normative effect? The event will look in particular at the relationship between institutionally prescribed, socially developed and individually responsible faith: The late modern subject sees itself as autonomous and determines for itself which predetermined content it accepts and which it rejects. At the same time, they are always part of social contexts, influencing them and being influenced by them. Believers are therefore both actors and observers of church guidelines and behaviour. This tension needs to be explored and brought into a constructive discourse.

The conference will approach the normativities of faith from different perspectives – beyond a generalised institutional critique. It aims to provide a theological interpretation of normative levels against the backdrop of changed conditions. Early-stage researchers will also have the opportunity to present their own projects in a poster presentation during the conference.

Registration is possible until 19 April by e-mail: tagung.tfk@uni-erfurt.de

programme (in German only)

+++ Attention, the conference had to be cancelled due to insufficient registrations. We ask for your understanding. +++