Messiah's kingdom and new creation

A new article by Prof. Thomas Bauer has been published on the subject of early Jewish and Christian chiliasm.

Shortly before the feast day of St Nicholas, a new article by Prof Thomas Bauer on early Jewish and Christian chiliasm has been published. It is published in the current issue 4/2023 of "Erbe und Auftrag" on the topic of the end times. 

Th.J. Bauer: "Messiasreich und Neuschöpfung. Die Johannesoffenbarung und der jüdisch-christliche Chilasmus", in: Erbe und Auftrag 99/4 (2023), 368–379.

The Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Erfurt is also represented in this issue with a contribution by Prof Notker Baumann on the "ageing world" in Augustine (P. 380-389).

We hope you enjoy reading it!