Why (still) church(es)?

In response to this question, the new volume of "Theologie der Gegenwart" has been published under the responsibility of Prof. Thomas Bauer.

The articles by Regina Elsner, Timothy Radcliffe OP and Thomas Bauer reflect on church(es) with a view to origins and beginnings, the war in Ukraine as well as abuse and crisis of trust. In addition, the volume offers further articles on counter-gendered human dignity and on synodal processes in the Catholic Church.
The department of New Testament hopes you enjoy reading this volume!

The article by Prof. Thomas Johann Bauer:  Kirche Gottes … erworben durch das Blut seines Sohnes (Apg 10,28). Bekenntnis und Transformation der nachösterlichen Jesus-Bewegung, in: ThG 66/2 (2023), pp. 82-102.