Saastamoinen, Kari


Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies
Department of History
University of Helsinki
P.O. Box 59 (Unioninkatu 38 A)
Fin-00014 University of Helsinki


Research interests
History of science, Philosophy of law, Enlightenment studies

Digitising Åbo Academy dissertations at the Finnish National Library

Selected bibliography concerning Natural law

  • Books

The Morality of the Fallen Man: Samuel Pufendorf on Natural Law (Helsinki: Shs 1995).

  • Articles

"Pufendorf on Natural Equality" In The Nature of Rights: Moral and Political Aspects of Rights in Late Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy, ed. Virpi Mäkinen (Helsinki: The Philosophical Society of Finland, 2010), 197-224.

"Pufendorf on Natural Equality, Human Dignity, and Self-Esteem" in Journal of the History of Ideas 71 (1) 2009, p. 39-62.

"Pufendorf and the Stoic model of natural law" in Grotius and the Stoa, ed. Hans W. Blom and Laurens C. Winkel (Assen: Royal van Gorcum 2004), p.257-269.