Amberger, Hannes


Forschungszentrum Gotha, associated member
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, temporary external lecturer

Research interests
G. W. Leibniz, Samuel Pufendorf

The Social Roots of Natural Law. Estate-Based Society, History, and Jurisprudence in Samuel Pufendorf

"The project starts from the question how Pufendorf’s rationally constructed theory of law, which takes as a point of departure the natural equality of all humans, relates to contemporary society, which was based on an estate structure and traditional privileges. It will confront Pufendorf’s theoretical model of natural law with his perception of the estate-based society and monarchic politics by connecting Pufendorf’s theory of law to his writings on history and politics. Furthermore, it will contextualise this perception by asking about Pufendorf’s own role in this social and political setting. I will argue that this social self-perception is the fundament for a perspective in which a rational and egalitarian theory of law can legitimise a traditional feudal society."