Hunter, Ian

University of Queensland


Research interests
Early modern natural law thought, history of jus gentium and international law, history of philosophy, eighteenth-century German public law, nineteenth-century German political and legal philosophy, history of German public church law (Staatskirchenrecht) and the religious constitution.

Comparative study of Immanuel Kant and Johann Jakob Moser on the German religious constitution. Editorial introduction to Christian Thomasius, Cautelae circa Praecognita Jurisprudentiae Ecclesiasticae, Halae 1712, 2nd edn. 1723; and the German translation, Höchstnöthige Cautelen welche ein Studiosus Juris, der sich zur Erlernung der Kirchen-Rechts-Gelahrheit auff eine kluge und geschickte Weise vorbereiten will, zu beobachten hat, Halle 1713.

Selected bibliography concerning Natural law

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