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Interested in New Testament Exegesis and Theology?

If you like to find out more about New Testament studies and if you are interested in further studies in New Testament theology and exegesis, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your questions, and we are ready to discuss your plans and to develop projects with you.

You will find further information here soon. Thank you for your patience.

Research Center Vetus Latina

The research center is dedicated to the digital collection and documentation of the evidence of the oldest Latin translations of the biblical scriptures (Vetus Latina) preserved in ancient and medieval biblical manuscripts, in quotations of ecclesiastical scriptures of the 1st millennium and in the liturgical tradition. From the preserved testimonies, the different forms of the Latin text of the Bible in the period before the Vulgate are reconstructed with the help of digital tools and electronic processes, and classified chronologically and geographically. In the process, the history of the impact of these texts in their significance for the Christian religion as a whole and for the cultural and intellectual history of Europe is inquired into.