Showcases - Vorschläge für Promotionsprojekte

Promotionsprojekte müssen in einem der Fächer der Mitglieder der Faculty angesiedelt sein. Neben den hier vorgestellten Showcases sind Bewerbungen mit selbst entwickelten Promotionsthemen der Bewerber*innen in einer der genannten Disziplinen sehr willkommen.

Mögliche Showcases finden Sie hier.

Wort Projects in but

Projekte in Erfurt

Jürgen Martschukat

  • Worshipping Nature and the Body: The Personal, Political, and Spiritual Dimension of the Alternative Food Movement in the 1970s
  • Resonance and Rituals of Whiteness

Andreas Pettenkofer

  • Resonance through Electronic Media: The Sacralisation of the Body and the #MeToo Movement
  • Social Order and the Destruction of Resonance: Towards a Theory of Humiliation

Hartmut Rosa

  • Rock Concerts and Football Stadiums as ‘Bowls of Hysteria’
  • Roadside Crosses and Lovelocks: On Revitalising Religious Ritual Practices in Secular Contexts

Jörg Rüpke

  • Is the City Wall the End of the World? Rituals Thematising, Neglecting or Appropriating a Physical Boundary
  • Is There Somebody Else Out There? Polemics and Counter-polemics on Ancient Astral Religion

Markus Vinzent

  • Turning the Driving Agencies in a World of Pandemics
  • Dramatising, Radicalising, Individualising. Purpose and Relation of Non-historicising and Historicising Early Christian Narratives

Verena Weidner

  • Connection Through Technology? Digital Musicianship between Resonance and Alienation 
  • Tango in the Technosphere; How Does the Digital Transformation Affect the Self–World Relations in a Dance Community?

Projekte in Graz

Irmtraud Fischer

  • The Impact of Power-Relations on Resonance: Does It Matter Whose Texts Became Part of the Canon?
  • The Impact of Repetition on Cultural Memory in Ancient Israel

Ursula Gärtner

  • Templum de marmore ponam – Poetic Sacred Places in Imperial Epic as Manifestation of Mute and Resonant Self–World Relations
  • Sonuere tactae. Ancient Fable Collections as Resonant Narratives

Christoph Heil

  • The Resonance of Eating and Drinking in Early Christianity and its Ancient Contexts
  • The Resonance of Praying in Early Christianity and its Ancient Contexts

Stephan Moebius

  • Repressing the Reality of Death and Burial Ritual in Modernity
  • Processes of Sacralisation in Late Modernity

Laerke Recht

  • The Archaeology of Private Religion in Ancient Mesopotamia
  • The Cult of Cattle in Bronze Age Cyprus: Base Ring ‘Bull’ Rhyta in Context

Peter Scherrer

  • Privatisation of Salvation: Religious Communities as Axes of Resonance in the Roman Imperial Period
  • Living in Paradise – Late Antique Imagery as Reflections of Life and Afterlife

Wolfgang Spickermann

  • Local Tradition and Re-formation of (Sacred) Space: Border Sanctuaries as Centres of Resonance
  • Worshiping Women in the Roman Empire: Ritual and Cult

Franz Winter

  • Somatic Dimensions in the Ritual Practice of the New Religious Movement Terra Sagrada: An Analysis with Reference to Rosa’s Theory of ‘Resonance’
  • ‘Sacred Texts’ as Resources of World-Orientation and Self-Optimisation: A Case Study in the Modern Reception of the Indian Upanishads