Dr. Thomas R. Blanton IV

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Assoziierter Fellow am Max-Weber-Kolleg

Thomas R. Blanton IV is a researcher in the area of early Christianity in its Judaic and Greco-Roman contexts. He is the author of A Spiritual Economy: Gift Exchange in the Letters of Paul of Tarsus (Yale University Press, 2017), coeditor (with David B. Hollander and John T. Fitzgerald) of The Extramercantile Economies of Greek and Roman Cities: New Perspectives on the Economic History of Classical Antiquity (Routledge, 2019), and cochair of the Early Christianity and the Ancient Economy program unit at the Society of Biblical Literature. He is currently writing a monograph entitled The Circumcision of Abraham: Modeling Ritual from Genesis to the Letters of Paul for the Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library.


Thomas R. Blanton IV
Research Associate
Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies
University of Erfurt