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“Brandt School Graduation Prizes” awarded for the first time!

Honoring exceptional students for their outstanding academic accomplishments as well as political and social commitment, the Brandt School awarded three prizes to four of its recent graduates at the Welcome Reception 2020.



Despite the obstacles of a graduation in summer 2020, theses of almost all 47 students have been submitted, among them several really outstanding papers. Furthermore, some students showed exceptional leadership and helped their peers through these difficult times. Honoring some of these exceptional students and providing special recommendations, the “Brandt School Graduation Prizes”were awarded for the first time in autumn 2020:

The Dietmar Herz Award has been given to our MPP graduate Robin Schultz for his demonstrated commitment, enthusiasm, and spirit of service to government exemplified by our founding director, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Herz.

The Excellence In Service And Leadership Award has been granted to our MPP graduate Maya Weisinger for her demonstrated tireless engagement for fellow students and her sense of service to society in general. 

The Director’s Certificate Of Merit for the two best performing MPP students has been awarded to Patricia Loggetto Ribeiro and Stefan Volkmann for their great academic achievements during their studies at the Brandt School.

A recording of the award ceremony is available on YouTube.