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At the Brandt School, diversity is a fact - and to us, this is a valuable asset. The diversity of the people at the Brandt School is reflected in various characteristics such as origin, age, professional and academic background. Our alumni come from around 100 countries and students from 30-40 different countries regularly take up their studies in the current MPP classes. They not only learn from faculty and with each other, but also from each other and our faculty from them.

Of course, our commitment to diversity is also reflected in the teaching at Brandt School. For example, our mandatory courses cover global case studies in "Comparative Public Policy", strategies of cross-cultural collaboration in "Management and Leadership", and heterodox approaches in "Economic Analysis and Modeling". We also offer courses with relevant focus, such as "Gender and Conflict" or a project group on "Advancing Gender-smart Climate Finance." In our public events, conferences and discussions, we take care to provide space for a diversity of voices and positions.

What we strive for is not mere diversity in numbers, but an inclusive community both in the classroom and beyond. We understand our commitment to diversity not as a one-time conceptual task, but as an ongoing process over years and generations of students, in constant resonance with changing social discourses and realities, as well as community needs.

Brandt School Code of Conduct 

Diversity and inclusion as an ongoing process


Workshops on learning in a German academic institution and in diverse group

First-year MPP students participated in workshops on learning in a German academic institution and in diverse groups with three external trainers, themselves from very diverse backgrounds.

After the introduction to concepts of diversity during the annual Diversity Workshop held during the orientation week, these workshops provided space for deeper reflections and learning more specific practices.


Workshop “Constructive Communication”

How can react to discriminating comments in public and private – firmly stepping in for your values, but without risking escalation? Two trainers of "Für Demokratie – Gegen das Vergessen" came to the University of Erfurt to coach staff and faculty of the Institute for Planetary Health Behaviour (IPB) and the Brandt School for the local context based on their concept of “constructive communication”.

Flyer "Du hörst eine abwertende Äusserung"

Diversity Workshop of the Brandt School Team

Externally and internally guided team reflection on how diverse we are, how to achieve more inclusion of students on campus and in the city, what dilemmas the administration can face in the face of a very heterogeneous and diverse student body, and how to make teaching more open to non-Western research methods and scholarship.

Workshop participants

Diversity workshop for the new MPP batch

The new MPP class of 2022-24 participated in a newly-designed diversity workshop for students during orientation week with three external trainers, themselves from very diverse backgrounds.

group picture of students

Diversity as an opportunity for transition

As part of the "Transitional Leadership Certificate," on which the Brandt School trained experienced leaders with two partner schools, Senior Brandt Fellow Carmen Niethammer introduced "Diversity and Leadership."

Carmen Niethammer

First post-pandemic on-site diversity workshop

The participants discussed the challenges of their studies and life in Germany, as well as strategies for overcoming differences of opinion. They learned concepts connecting conflict with prejudices and stereotypes. By reflecting on the power of communication and especially understanding the concepts of non-violent communication, as well as intercultural communication tools, they improved their ability to deal with disagreements.

students in the diversity workshop

Report on diversity and inclusion at Brandt School

In order to examine the state of diversity and inclusion at the Brandt School and to record recommendations for action, two external experts were commissioned to conduct interviews with students, faculty and administrative staff. The results will be directly incorporated into our daily work, our upcoming process towards more inclusion and, based on more awareness, an increased commitment to this also towards third parties.

Report cover

Professionalization of the diversity workshop for students

In 2019, the workshop, which has already existed for years and focuses on topics such as cultural customs in Germany, culture shock upon arrival and especially intercultural communication, was raised to a new level with an external trainer company.

Diversity Workshop

Brandt School adopts Code of Conduct

As a result of a joint process with students, the Brandt School adopts a Code of Conduct. This applies to both students and employees.

Schreenshot Website "Code of Conduct"

New internationalization strategy for the University of Erfurt

In her role as Vice President for International Affairs, Aletta Haniel Professor Dr. Grimm took the lead in drafting a new internationalization strategy for the University of Erfurt. The welcoming culture on campus plays an important role in this.

Brochure cover

This timeline highlights only part of our commitment. We are also active in the committees of the university, advocating for diversity, internationalization and inclusion and, together with some partners, we advocate for a tolerant, cosmopolitan, inclusive community and a welcoming culture in Erfurt and Thuringia, e.g. with city authorities and members of the city council.



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