Student Activities

students in the city of Erfurt

Diverse, Active and Engaged

The Brandt School’s students with their diverse profiles are the core of the institution’s unique and multicultural environment. This international aspect is not only an asset to the Brandt School and the university but also to the community of Erfurt. Our student body is active within the university as well as in Erfurt and around the world. Furthermore, the Brandt School has several representatives in the student council (StuRa) at the University of Erfurt as well as their own organized Student Government at the Brandt School.

Brandt School students also participate in international study trips, conferences such as Model UN, NATO, and EU conferences for young leaders and publish their own articles. Other projects, including the Commitment Award, promote students’ own social initiatives. The Brandt School blog, The Bulletin, showcases some activities in which our students participate. The Bulletin Podcast is our monthly podcast, where we interview the fascinating students and researchers of the Willy Brandt School.

To learn more about the student life at the Brandt School, visit our official Facebook page and the Student Government's Facebook page - or come and visit us in Erfurt!


Student Life

Living in Erfurt

Erfurt offers lots of locations for experiencing culture, music, films and theater. Moreover, you can find helpful tips for adventurous daytrips around Erfurt.

The University of Erfurt collected information to plan your study- related stay on their website and manage your daily life in Erfurt.


The Student Council (StuRa) of the University of Erfurt represents the interests of registered students at the university. It looks after the political, professional, social and cultural interests of students and supports academic and professional initiatives. The StuRa promotes the political education of the students and maintains supra-regional and international student relations.

University Calendar

Find upcoming events by the university of Erfurt in the university calender.

Leisure Activities


With more than 150 courses , the University Sports Association of Erfurt (USV) offers a wide variety of different sports for students at the University of Erfurt.

Sign up online (German)

University Groups

Take part in one of the numerous university groups (German)  and meet new people, get involved in student affairs and take on responsibility. The university groups, student initiatives and student communities introduce themselves at the start of the semester on the market of opportunities. 

Become active and contribute with your ideas!

Café International

Every Tuesday evening at 8 pm, International and German students meet at the "Café International" in the cafeteria "Hörsaal 7", where Volunteers present an informative insight into their country of origin. 

You are interested or even want to present your home country? Visit their Facebook page.

Strangers become Friends

The project "Strangers become Friends" is a joint project of the University, the University of Applied Sciences, the city administration of Erfurt and the Thuringian Institute for Academic Continuing Education e.V. University and University of Applied Sciences and welcomes around 150 new foreign students every year. While they are usually quickly and well integrated at the universities, they often lack contact with institutions and people from outside the universities.

This is why they are placed with sponsors from the city of Erfurt as part of the "Strangers become friends" project. Citizens from all walks of life participate as sponsors: families and individuals, employed and unemployed people, pensioners and young people.

In addition to the welcome evening held every semester, where students and sponsors get to know each other, there are other events and as a highlight a joint excursion. A regular meeting place is the "International Stammtisch" in the Café NERLY, Marktstr. 6, every 3rd Thursday of the month from 8 pm.

Further information can be found on their official website.