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Global public policy addresses the challenge of governing transnational phenomena in the absence of a global Leviathan. As such, it comprises policy areas as different as trade, migration, financial regulation, economic development, energy and the environment. Against the backdrop off increasingly contested policy authority in a globalized world, the research area studies the delivery of global public goods and the problem of safeguarding the global commons; the role of global networks and global public-private partnerships in producing transnational policy outcomes; the dynamics pertaining to policy transfer, diffusion and global best practice; and the policy actors involved at all governance levels.

Research project: Investigating the Systemic Impacts of the Global Energy Transition (ISIGET)






A new policy brief from Prof. Andreas C. Goldthau and IASS colleagues identifies a path to advance Malaysia’s energy transition. Through stakeholder workshops and subsequent analysis, the IASS team identified three core recommendations to advance…

Brandt School Director Andreas C. Goldthau discussed alternatives to gas in Europe in a new report from the International Institute for Sustainable Development, titled “Navigating Energy Transitions: Mapping the road to 1.5°C.”

New research from EIPCC researcher Laima Eicke and Harvard Belfer Center Senior Fellow Nicola De Blasio analyzes countries’ advantages, opportunities, and challenges in future green hydrogen markets and concludes that future green hydrogen production…

As the ongoing energy crisis continues to plague Europe, especially in Germany, Professor Andreas C. Goldthau recently provided comments to several media outlets on the shifting situation and possible policy solutions.

New research from EIPCC researcher Silvia Weko and Brandt School Professor Andreas C. Goldthau assesses 71 clean technology transfer initiatives to determine if the initiatives successfully bridge the low-carbon technology gap to advance Paris…

In the latest edition of DIW’s policy brief series “Politikberatung kompakt 177”, Karsten Neuhoff, Isabella Weber, Kacper Szulecki, and Andreas Goldthau introduced several policy recommendations for the EU gas market, in light of the looming gas…

In several recent interviews with media news outlets, Prof. Andreas Goldthau commented on Germany’s energy import future and the effects of interruptions in Russia’s natural gas export

In a blog post for the Italian Institute for International Political Studies, Laima Eicke and Silvia Weko outline what makes countries energy transition ‘winners’.