Global Public Policy

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Research Profile

Global public policy addresses the challenge of governing transnational phenomena in the absence of a global Leviathan. As such, it comprises policy areas as different as trade, migration, financial regulation, economic development, energy and the environment. Against the backdrop off increasingly contested policy authority in a globalized world, the research area studies the delivery of global public goods and the problem of safeguarding the global commons; the role of global networks and global public-private partnerships in producing transnational policy outcomes; the dynamics pertaining to policy transfer, diffusion and global best practice; and the policy actors involved at all governance levels.






Our PhD student Karina Marzano and Artur Monteiro (Alexander von Humboldt International Climate Protection Fellowship) wrote a blog for the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V. (IASS) on how market pressures to stop Amazon deforestation…

In a recently published contribution to the anthology "The Geopolitics of the Energy Transition", edited by Manfred Hafner and Simone Tagliapietra, Andreas Goldthau, Laima Eicke and Silvia Weko discuss the energy transition from the perspective of…

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