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The Willy Brandt School of Public Policy (Brandt School) at the University of Erfurt has firmly positioned itself as Germany's first public-sector institution to offer a state-of-art Public Policy curriculum that addresses global policy challenges. The unique proposition of the Brandt School also stands on the solid foundations of its national and international cooperation in the Global North and Global South, along with its highly diverse international student body.

The Brandt School offers an Erasmus exchange program with the Department of Public Policy at the CEU in Vienna, Austria and HUJI in Jerusalem. As part of the program, up to two MPP students may spend a semester abroad. Furthermore, the Brandt School has academic agreements with universities in Colombia and Malaysia, and we are currently working on further agreements. 

Structured exchange programs

Integrated stay abroad, covering all mandatory seminars.

The exchanges with CEU (Vienna) and HUJI (Jerusalem) are fully integrated in the M.P.P. study, during the 3rd semester. All mandatory courses can be completed at the host university. As students remain enrolled at their home university during the exchange semester, tuition fees are paid at the Willy Brandt School (University of Erfurt). No tuition fees need to be paid at the host university. Living expenses during the exchange principally need to be covered by the students themselves. For the exchange at CEU Vienna, an ERASMUS grant may be available that covers part of the living expenses. Exchange places are awarded in an internal application procedure, which formally runs through Erfurt University's International Office. Selection takes place already during the 1st semester (presumably December and January). There will be an information event for all interested students early in the first semester.

Student Experiences

Ben Fox, Exchange Semester at Central European University (CEU)

Ben Fox
Ben Fox

My exchange semester at CEU was a phenomenal experience. The classes and the professors there were extremely engaging and I had access to many resources. Class sizes had a very good professor-student ratio similar to that of the Brandt School. The classes and professors are also quite international themselves, so you get to meet and interact with people from just about everywhere. 

- Ben Fox, current student from USA

Pius Fozan, Exchange Semester at Central European University (CEU)

Pius Fozan
Pius Fozan

The variety of interdisciplinary courses, spanning conflict studies to podcasting and photography, fascinated me from the start. I wish I could have registered for all the courses that I love—such as photography and documentary for policy making.

- Pius Fozan, current student from India

For all exchange programs, we work together closely with the University's International Office. They also offer further destinations. We will regularly announce updates on our integrated programs directly to our students. For all other programs and further questions, please get in touch.

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