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This page serves as a signpost to our publications. While you will find directions to more comprehensive publications below, here are some publications that we would like to showcase:

Brandt School Publications

Populism and a New Age of International Fragility

Forty years ago, many observers hoped that the famous 'Brandt Report' would kick-start a different approach to global policymaking, one based on the ideas of multilateralism and humanitarianism and the obsolescence of divisions such as 'North' and 'South'. While much has been achieved since then, the rise of national populism now severely questions the international multilateral order. The Brandt School used the 40th anniversary of the Brandt Report as an occasion to rethink the implications of these new challenges for policy making on all levels, i.e., local, national, and global, and to discuss if and how new modes of policymaking can address them. We have invited our uniquely international alumni body to submit contributions with insights from their practical experience or ongoing research projects to contribute and address some of these issues. As a result, fifteen authors from nine countries have written and collaborated for the preparation of a final volume that is, in many ways, a testament to the Brandt School's internationality. We present you "Populism and a New Age of International Fragility: Seeking Policy Innovations 40 Years After the Brandt Report."

Editors: Achim Kemmerling, Raphael Robiatti, Solveig Richter

Contributors: Kawsher Ahamed, Laura Camila Barrios Sabogal, Ushree Barua, Bastian Becker, Felipe Carrera Aguayo, Jalale Getachew Birru, Grigoriy M. Grigoryev, Achim Kemmerling, Steve Wakhu Khaemba, Patrícia Loggetto, Mohammad Newaz Sharif, Carolina Reis, Raphael Robiatti, Solveig Richter, Edward Silvestre Kaweesi

Citation: Kemmerling, A., Richter, S., & Robiatti, R. (2021). Populism and a New Age of International Fragility: seeking policy innovations 40 years after the Brandt Report. Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt.

Public Policy Research in the Global South

This volume focuses on the evolution of public policy and the role of agenda setting with regard to policymaking in countries of the Global South. The authors illustrate the emergence of public policy research as an academic discipline, and highlight various aspects of history, governance, politics, and economics as components of public policy theory development. By offering a cross-national perspective, the papers contribute to a better understanding of when, how, and by whom a given policy agenda is designed, which is essential to grasping how policy is implemented. In turn, the authors investigate how the development of public policy research has influenced policymaking in fields such as democratization, migration, corruption, agriculture, environment, education, and entrepreneurship and, more specifically, agenda setting in selected countries of the Global South.

Editor: Heike M. Grimm

Contributors: Kow Kwegya Amissah Abraham, Juan David Rivera Acevedo, Atif Ikram Butt, Exequiel Cabanda, Lamin O. Ceesay, Meng-Hsuan Chou, Mergen Dyussenov, Anwesha Ghosh, Fernando Luis Ramirez Gonzalez, Heike M. Grimm, Juliane Corredor Jiménez, Lina Martínez, Anja Mihr, Maitreyee Mukherjee, Caryn Peiffer, Raphael Zimmermann Robiatti, Richard Rose, Jorge Sellare

Citation: Grimm, H. M. (2019). Public Policy Research in the Global South: A Cross-Country Perspective. Cham: Springer International Publishing AG.

"Schriften der Willy Brandt School of Public Policy"

The former Brandt School directors Prof. Dr. Dietmar Herz and Prof. Dr. Frank Ettrich published a German book series called "Schriften der Willy Brandt School of Public Policy an der Universität Erfurt" with Budrich UniPress. The publications of this series dealt with a wide range of topics, such as Willy Brandt himself, the founders of the University of Erfurt, and many others.

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