Past Events

guest lecture


  • Business Ethics - Concepts and Cases
    Prof. Dr. Bettina Hollstein (Managing Director at the Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies)
    Nov 8 | Guest Lecture

  • Haniel Alumni Talk
    Brandt School & Haniel Stiftung, Input Session by Marie Ullmann (Policy Officer at German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs)
    Oct 7 | Alumni Talk 

  • Environmental Migration: Climate as a Determinant of Migration
    Mariam Traoré Chazalnoël (Senior Policy Officer at the IOM Headquarters in Geneva)
    Oct 27 | Guest Lecture | Poster

  • Multilateral Decision Making: The case of UNESCO
    Michael Worbs (Ambassador (ret.), former Chair of the Executive Board of UNESCO)
    Jul 8 | Guest Lecture | Poster

  • Rural Livelihoods
    Adibi Nor (University Malaya), Azlina Kamal (UNICEF Malaysia)
    Jul 6 | Guest Lecture | Poster

  • The Power of Family-friendly and Inclusive Cities
    Carmen Niethammer (Senior Gender Specialist at European Investment Bank, Senior Brandt Fellow)
    Jul 1 | Guest Lecture | Poster

  • German Federal Elections 2021: Leadership and Party Politics in Focus
    Simon Vaut (Senior Civil Servant, German Government)
    Jun 29 | Guest Lecture | Poster | News Post

  • Humanitarian Innovations
    Georg Höhne (Innovation Aid)
    Jun 29 | Guest Lecture | Poster | News Post

  • Clarity of Responsibility and Foreign Policy Performance Voting
    Prof. Sibel Oktay (University of Illinois at Springfield)
    Jun 29 | Guest Lecture | Poster

  • Capturing Social Processes: Trajectory-Based Qualitative Comparative Analysis
    Prof. Dr. Dr. Lasse Gerrits (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Dr. Sofia Pagliarin (University of Bamberg)
    Jun 23 | Guest Lecture | Poster | News Post

  • Commitment Award Ceremony
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, Engagementpreis Stiftung
    Jun 17 | Recurring Event | News Post | Ceremony on YouTube | ARD broadcastWebsite Commitment Award

  • International Inequality of the Pandemic
    Barbara Fritz (FU Berlin), Achim Kemmerling (WBS)
    Jun 16 | Guest Lecture | Poster

  • Alumni Reunion and Conference
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Jun 15-16 | Conference | Poster | News Post

  • The Internal Opposition Effect of International Sanctions: Insights from a Qualitative Comparative Analysis
    Dr. Julia Grauvogel (German Institute for Global and Area Studies GIGA)
    Jun 2 | Guest Lecture | Poster| News Post

  • The European Green Deal and German Economic Competitiveness
    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik (DGAP), Moderation Andreas Goldthau (WBS)
    May 27 | Discussion | News PostLink to the event description

  • Promoting Women‘s Labour Force Participation
    Carmen Niethammer (Senior Brandt Fellow)
    May 25 | Guest Lecture | Poster | News Post

  • Public Finance, CEOs and the Top 1 Percent
    Renira Angeles (NORCE Bergen)
    May 4 | Guest Lecture | Poster

  • Global Pathways to the Modern Tax State
    Laura Seelkopf (University St. Gallen)
    Apr 27 | Guest Lecture | Poster | News Post

  • The Ins and Outs of Building a Political Career
    Simon Vaut (German Federal Government)
    Mar 30 | Guest Lecture | Poster
  • Alumni Talk #4: What about being a global citizen? Brandtians at international organisations
    Atif Ikram (UN) & Danielle Al-Qassir (UN)
    Mar 25 | Alumni Talk | Poster
  • Alumni Talk #3: Hey, I want to be a researcher! Brandtians who followed the academic path
    Alice Murage (Simon Fraser University), Mateeullah Tareen (Humboldt University of Berlin) & Jorge Sellare (Center for Development Research, ZEF)
    Mar 23 | Alumni Talk | Poster
  • Alumni Talk #2: Is Europe my place? Non-German Brandtians who stayed here
    Tornike Kikishvili (Deutsche Börse) & Otto Dodoo (Patrizia Foundation)
    Mar 18 | Alumni Talk | Poster
  • Alumni Talk #1: Home Sweet Home: How Brandtians found a job back in their home countries
    Patricia Loggetto (St. Jude’s Hospital) & Hidayati Pratiwi (Yayasan Plan International)
    Mar 16 | Alumni Talk | Poster
  • What do the Covid-19 recovery packages mean for the global economy?
    Shahin Vallée (German Council of Foreign Relations, DGAP)
    Feb 15 | Guest Lecture | Poster
  • The power politics of private governance: trade-sustainability nexus in an interconnected world
    Karina Marzano (WBS)
    Feb 10 | Seminar | Poster
  • Energy Transition & Environmental Movements in South Africa
    Almut Mohr (WBS)
    Jan 27| Seminar | Poster
  • The Democratic Politics of Military Interventions
    Wolfgang Wagner (Vrije University Amsterdam)
    Jan 19 | Guest Lecture

  • Social Science Concepts and Measurement: Guidelines for Creating Concepts
    Gary Goertz (University of Notre Dame, USA)
    Jan 13 | Guest Lecture | Poster
  • The Attitudes of States Towards the Global Climate Change Regime: How and Why They Differ
    Jan Karlas (Charles University, Prague, CZ)
    Jan 12 | Guest Lecture | Poster


  • Thinking Pragmatically about Research Design in Quantitative and Qualitative Research
    Dimiter Toshkov (Institute of Public Administration, Leiden University)
    Dec 16 | Guest Lecture | Poster

  • (Be)coming  Nigerian: Can Satire Help Us to Transform Government and Bureaucracy?
    Elnathan John (novelist)
    Dec 15 | Guest Lecture | Poster

  • Terrorism and Conditions for Human Rights in Counter-terrorism in Sub-Sahara Africa
    Steve Wakhu Khaemba (WBS doctoral candidate)
    Dec 9 | PhD Defense | Poster

  • Breaking the Silos: Working Across the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus in Conflict Environments
    Henriette von Kaltenborn-Stachau (World Bank)
    Dec 8 | Guest Lecture | Poster | News Post

  • Offshore Finance: what is it, where does it come from and why does it matter?
    Andrea Binder (Global Public Policy Insititute GPPi, Germany)
    Dec 2 | Guest Lecture

  • The Use of Evidence in Public Health Policy
    Paul Cairney (University of Sterling, Scotland)
    Nov 23 | Guest Lecture

  • Ruling without Governing: Tutelary Regimes in Comparative Politics and the Case of Myanmar
    Marco Bünte (University Erlangen Nuremberg, GIGA, Germany)
    Nov 18 | Guest Lecture | Recording of the event (YouTube) | News Post

  • Elements of Understanding Violent Memory in the Colombian Conflict
    Lerber Dimas (University of Guajira, Colombia)
    Nov 17 | Guest Lecture | Poster

  • Brandt School Graduation Prizes
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Oct 29 | Award Ceremony | Website-Link "Brandt School Graduation Prizes"| News Post

  • Welcome Reception
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Oct 29 | Reoccuring Event | Recording of the event (YouTube) | News Post

  • Commitment Award
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Jul 7 | Award Ceremony | Website-Link "Commitment Award"| News Post

  • Alternative Budgeting Approaches
    Achim von Heynitz (Centennial Group International)
    Jun 9 | Guest Lecture | News Post

  • Implications of Covid-19 on Internal Armed Conflict: the Case of Myanmar
    Karen Simbulan (RAFT Myanmar, WBS Alumna)
    Apr 16 | Guest Lecture  

  • After the Masters: A Q&A on PhD-ing and postdocs
    Richard Stupart (London School of Economics, United Kingdom)
    Apr 14 | Guest Lecture

  • Expert Advice and Government Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic
    Olga Löblova (Cambridge University, United Kingdom)
    Apr 9 | Guest Lecture

  • Polity, Policy and Politics: Working in a Political Organization
    Magno Karl (WBS doctoral candidate)
    Apr 7 | Guest Lecture

  • The EU Refugee Crisis and the Corona-Pandemic
    Morgan Courtney (UNHCR, WBS alumnus)
    Apr 2 | Guest Lecture

  • China's Dramatically Growing Military Strength and its Implications
    Elbridge Colby (The Marathon Initiative, US)
    Feb 18 | Guest Lecture

  • Never forget Srebrenica: Filmmaking and Post-Conflict Memories
    Ado Hasanovic 
    Jan 22 | Guest Lecture

  • The Political Economy of Offshore Finance
    Andrea Binder (Global Public Policy Insititute GPPi, Germany)
    Jan 21 | Guest Lecture

  • Refugees and Municipalities – Rethinking the Distribution Process
    Will Jones (School of Politics and Philosophy at Royal Holloway, University of London, UK)
    Jan 16 | Guest Lecture | News Post

  • Russia’s Assertiveness in the Near Abroad: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Regional Primacy
    Adriana Cuppuleri (Visiting doctoral student at WBS)
    Jan 14 | Guest Lecture

  • Environmental Policy-Making in Brazil
    Bruno Taitson (WWF, WBS alumnus)
    Jan 6 | Guest Lecture


  • EU-China relations: cooperation, competition and rivalry
    Reinhard Bütikofer (China Delegation, EU Parliament)
    Dec 13 | Guest Lecture
  • Data Science for Policy-Making and Social Science
    Asif Azizov (OJSC Mugan Bank)
    Dec 11 | Guest Lecture
  • The Rise and Fall of Multilateralism (IA)
    Daniel Warner (former advisor to UNHCR, ILO, NATO and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense CH)
    Dec 5 | Workshop
  • Multilateral Crisis Management (CSMP)
    Daniel Warner (former advisor to UNHCR, ILO, NATO and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense CH)
    Dec 4 | Workshop
  • The differing effects of personal values on attitudes towards migrants in East and West Europe
    Saamah Abdallah (PhD student, University of Erfurt)
    Nov 7 | Guest Lecture
  • Welcome Reception
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Oct 14 | Reoccuring Event
  • Methoden der Außenpolitikanalyse: Ansätze, Daten und Perspektiven
    Patrick Mello
    Sep 26-27 | Conference
  • Commitment Award
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Jul 7 | Award Ceremony | Website Link
  • “Politics as a Vocation“ Reflections on Max Weber’s “Politik als Beruf” 100 years later
    Michele Nicoletti (University of Trento, IT)
    Jul 2 | Guest Lecture
  • Guns, Community Mistrust and Public Health Don’t Mix: Trials and Errors That Fuel the World’s Second-Deadliest Ebola Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo
    Monday Banga (IOM)
    Jun 6 | Guest Lecture
  • Social investment and intergenerational redistribution: How much and by whom
    Pieter Vanhuysse (University of Southern Denmark, DK)
    May 27 | Guest Lecture
  • Open Day
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    May 25 | Reoccuring Event
  • Visualizing and Presenting Empirical Evidence in Public Policy Making
    Zbigniew Truchlewski (post-doc, University of Geneva)
    May 6 | Guest Lecture
  • Transatlantic Economic Relations - From TTIP to Trumpian Tantrum … and Back?
    Peter H. Chase (Senior Fellow with the German Marshall Fund)
    Apr 25 | Guest Lecture
  • Civil Society Support and Transnational Peacebuilding: Between Democracy Promotion and Political Interference
    Andrei Gomez-Suarez (Colombia University of Bristol, UK)
    Apr 24 | Guest Lecture
  • Concepts of Peace and Peacebuilding: Europe and Beyond
    Oliver ​​​​​​​Richmond (University of Manchester, UK)
    Mar 3 | Discussion
  • Key Challenges on Kosovo’s European Integration Path
    Albana Rexha (visiting DAAD PhD researcher)
    Feb 2 | Discussion
  • Solidarity in Europe
    Benjamin-Immanuel Hoff (Minister for Culture, Federal- and European affairs of the Free State of Thuringia)
    Jan 17 | Guest Lecture
  • Digitale Zeitenwende – Perspektive des öffentlich-rechtlichen Mediensystems
    Karola Wille (MDR)
    Jan 10 | Joint Lecture Series (Landtag)


  • The Politics and Economics of Aid in Myanmar
    Youngmi Kim (University of Edinburgh, UK), Matteo Fumagalli (University of St Andrews, UK)
    Dec 3| Workshop
  • Workshop complementing the seminar "Political Advocacy and Leadership" by Dr. Aragón 
    Robert Burdy (MDR aktuell)
    Nov 30 - Dec 1 | Workshop
  • Employee Representation in a multi-national Context
    Natalia Glück (WBS alumna)
    Nov 26 | Guest Lecture
  • Consumer Law in the European Union: Insights and Research Questions
    Matthias Amort (University of Erfurt)
    Nov 21 | Guest Lecture
  • Flight, Displacement and Hunger – The Results of the Global Hunger Index and Discussion
    Klaus von Grebmer (International Food Policy Research Institute, IFPRI)
    Nov 15 | Workshop
  • Poverty Prevention in Thuringia – Between Empirical Data and Subjective Discriminations
    Jörg Fischer (Institute for Municipal Planning and Development)
    Nov 8 | Guest Lecture
  • The Midterms and the World: How the US Elections Will Impact on Trump's Foreign Policy
    Cornelius Adebahr (Alfred von Oppenheim Center for European Policy Studies, German Council on Foreign Relations)
    Nov 7 | Guest Lecture
  • Welcome Reception
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Oct 10 | Reoccuring Event
  • Erfurter Herbstlese: Bullshit Jobs: A Theory
    David Graber (London School of Economics, UK), Achim Kemmerling (WBS)
    Sep 21 | Literature Event
  • Commitment Award
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Jul 7 | Reoccuring Event | Website Link
  • The United Nations – how it reacts to the challenges of our increasingly complex world
    Karl Theodor Paschke (UN)
    Jul 6 | Guest Lecture
  • Marx Imagery in Socialism
    Frank Ettrich (WBS)
    Jul 3 | Joint Lecture Series
  • Democratic Backsliding in Eastern Europe and the Political Crisis of the European Union. Insights from Hungary
    Thilo Bodenstein (Central European University, HU)
    Jul 3 | Guest Lecture
  • Politics and Economics of Budgeting. The Case of Erfurt University
    Jörg Brauns (Chancellor, University of Erfurt)
    Jun 18 | Guest Lecture
  • Truth in Post-Truth Times. Fake News and Social Bots
    Tabea Wilke (Digital Strategist)
    Jun 14 | Joint Lecture Series (Landtag)
  • Study Trip to Buchenwald
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Jun 13 | Excursion
  • Job application crash course
    Katharina Palko (ThAFF)
    Jun 1 | Workshop
  • What is truth?
    Heribert Prantl (Süddeutsche Zeitung)
    May 31 | Joint Lecture Series (Landtag)
  • Fake News sind die neuen Zeitungsenten
    Werner D'Inka (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)
    May 24 | Joint Lecture Series (Landtag)
  • Open Day
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    May 5 | Reoccuring Event
  • Women for Peace – Between Adaptation and Opposition
    Tawakkol Karman (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2011) , Solveig Richter (WBS), Bente Scheller (HBS Beirut), Mirjam Kruppa (Thuringian Commissioner for Migration)
    May 3 | Discussion
  • Wer hat Angst vor Fake News? Warum wir souveräner mit Lügen, Fälschungen und Fake News umgehen sollten.
    Stefan Raue (Deutschlandradio)
    Apr 14 | Joint Lecture Series (Landtag)
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Venture Financing
    Ricardo Alvarez (Simó-Bosch Consulting)
    Apr 16 | Guest Lecture
  • Professional Reintegration Workshop for Students from Africa, Asia and Latin America
    Apr 2-4 | Workshop
  • Study trip to Berlin: "Germany – Civilian or Military Power?"
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Jan 17-18 | Excursion
  • Negotiating Peace in Syria: What Role for Germany?
    Andreas Krüger (SWP Berlin, DE)
    Jan 11 | Guest Lecture


  • Application Portfolio Basics
    Covadonga Gonzalez (ThAFF)
    Dec 11 | Workshop
  • Supporting Political Dialogue and Transition in Conflict Countries
    Alia Eshaq (Berghof Foundation)
    Dec 11 | Guest Lecture
  • Multilateral Diplomacy in Fragile States: Dealing with Conflict and Cooperation 
    Daniel Warner (DCAF)
    Dec 6-7 | Workshop
  • Welcome Reception
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Nov 22 | Reoccuring Event
  • The Current State of International Relations and Global Diplomacy
    Nicholas Kralev (Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government)
    Oct 13 | Guest Lecture 
  • Commitment Award
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Jul 7 | Reoccuring Event | Website-Link
  • German Elections Ahead - Workshops for International Students
    Eric Linhart (TU Chemnitz) , Miriam Küller (Policy Advisor), Bernd Rother (WBS)
    Jun 23 | Workshop
  • Challenges of Humanitarian Health Action
    Volker Lankow (Doctors without Borders)
    Jun 20 | Guest Lecture
  • "Brexit" - How We Got There and Where Are We Heading Now?
    Seb Dance, Jacob von Weizsäcker (EU Parliament)
    Jun 16 | Guest Lecture
  • Democracy Under Fire?! Roundtable Discussion
    Daniel ​​​​​​​Warner (DCAF), Karolina Podstawa (University of Lodz) , Solveig Richter (WBS)
    Jun 1 | Discussion
  • ​​​​​​​Transparency International Deuschlad e.V. - The Work of a Global Anti-Corruption Coalition
    Anna-Maija Mertens (Transparency International Deutschland e.V.)
    May 29 | Guest Lecture
  • Open Day
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    May 5 | Reoccuring Event
  • Advanced Academic Writing
    De Souza Karl ​​​​​​​Magno (University of Erfurt)
    Apr 28 | Workshop
  • Perpetual Transition. Why Europe Has Failed in Democracy Promotion in Turkey
    Dilek ​​​​​​​Kurban (Marie Curie Fellow Hertie School of Governance)
    Apr 20 | Guest Lecture
  • Russia's Intervention in Syria: Aims, Achievements and Obstacles
    Margarete Klein (SWP Berlin)
    Feb 2 | Guest Lecture
  • Welcome Reception
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Jan 27 | Reoccuring Event
  • Study Trip to Brussels and Bonn
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Jan 24-27 | Excursion
  • GOD IS NOT WORKING ON SUNDAY! Surviving Women Driving Social Change in the Rwanda of Today
    Leona ​​​​​​​Goldstein (film maker)
    Jan 19 | Movie Screening
  • Policy Design and Implementation: The Case of EU Targeted Sanctions
    Clara ​​​​​​​Portela Sais 
    Jan 18 | Guest Lecture


  • Peace in the Offing: Colombia
    Daniel Brombacher (GIZ)
    Dec 15 | Guest Lecture
  • Fishbowl Discussion - "Public Policy - The Way Ahead"
    Hasnain Bokhari (University of Erfurt)
    Dec 14 | Discussion
  • A New Conflict in the Offing? Ethiopia
    Jalale Getachew (WBS PhD student)
    Dec 7| Guest Lecture
  • Transitional Justice in Afghanistan - A Lost Case?
    Nicole Birtsch (SWP)
    Dec 7 | Guest Lecture
  • Willy Brandt (1913-1992) - The Outstanding European Statesman and His Legacy for Our World of Today
    Wolfgang Hoppenstedt
    Nov 22 | Guest Lecture
  • Letter to an SS Guard - Guest talk with Auschwitz Survivor Leon Schwarzbaum 
    Leon Schwarzbaum
    Oct 27 | Guest Lecture
  • Commitment Award
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Jul 7 | Reoccuring Event | Website Link
  • EU Human Rights Policy in Practice
    Friederike Tschampa (European External Action Service)
    Jul 5 | Guest Lecture
  • Back to which Future? The End of the Latin American Left?
    Andrés González (Prof. at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador)
    Jun 20 | Guest Lecture
  • Decolonialization, State Succession and a Formal Problem of International Law
    Harald Kleinschmidt 
    Jun 5 | Guest Lecture
  • Doctoral Studies Information Session: Pursuing your doctoral degree in Germany
    Solveig Richter (WBS)
    May 26 | Workshop
  • On the Road to the White House: The 2016 US Presedential Elections
    Ronald Brownstein
    May 10 | Guest Lecture
  • OSCE Conflict Prevention and Resolution: Lessons from the Field
    Eva-Maria Velickovic (OSCE Ukraine)
    May 4 | Guest Lecture
  • Renewable Energy: A Quarter Century of Growth and the Lessons Learned
    Marc-Antoine Renaud (Eolectric)
    Apr 22 | Guest Lecture
  • Research Methods for Doctoral Students
    Patrick A. Mello (TU Dresden)
    Apr 8 | Workshop
  • The Islamic State and the Situation in Syria
    Guido Steinberg (SWP)
    Feb 3 | Guest Lecture
  • Impact Matters: New Trends for NPOs to Maximize Their Social Impact
    Andreas Rickert (CEO of PHINEO gAG)
    Jan 14 | Guest Lecture


  • Impact Measurement, Social Return on Investment and the Sinzer Platform
    Marlon van Dijk (CEO of Social E-valuator BV/Sinzer)
    Dec 9 | Guest Lecture
  • The Eclectic Roots of Statist Religious Law: Constitutional Migration and the Adaptability of Islamic Law in Iran 
    Mirjam Künkler (Lichtenberg Kolleg, Göttingen)
    Nov 24 | Guest Lecture
  • Fishbowl Discussion with Hasnain Bokhari - "Public Policy - The Way Ahead"
    Hasnain Bokhari (WBS)
    Nov 11 | Discussion
  • "It's not charity. It's a chair of power" - Debating and Advocating Gender Quotas in Afghanistan's Second Transformation Decade
    Andrea Fleschenberg dos Ramos Pinéu
    Nov 10 | Guest Lecture
  • Welcome Reception
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Nov 9 | Reoccuring Event
  • Commitment Award
    Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
    Jul 12 | Reoccuring Event | Website Link
  • After the Rebellion: Perspectives for a Sustainable Peace in Mali
    Jan Fahlbusch (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung)
    Jun 8 | Discussion
  • Living in Emegerny - Mit Ärzte ohne Grenzen im Einsatz / Gespräch im Anschluss
    Doctors Without Borders
    May 27 | Movie Screening
  • Transitional Justice and Historical Memory in Authoritarian Regimes
    Antônio Henrique , Graciano Suxberger, Thiago Santos Aguiar de Pádua, Jefferson Carús Guedes (PhD students WBS)
    May 21 | Discussion
  • Radical Ecological Democarcy: Towards a Sustainable and Equitable Future
    Ashish Kothari (Founder-member of Kalpavriksh)
    May 19 | Guest Lecture
  • Taking Stock of the Global Green Transformation: Great Hope or False Promise
    Stefan Cetkovic (Environmental Policy Research Centre, FU Berlin)
    May 6 | Guest Lecture
  • Journalism in the Digital Age
    Markus Ziener (HMKW Berlin)
    Apr 24 | Guest Lecture
  • Why and How to Keep Abreast of Current Affairs?
    Karl-Theodor ​​​​​​​Paschke (former German ambassador)
    Apr 23 | Guest Lecture
  • Professional Writing for Public Policy
    Sebastian ​​​​​​​Gallander (Vodafone Foundation Germany)
    Apr 18-19 | Workshop
  • Visit: Wolfgang Tiefensee (Minister, Government Thuringia)
    MPP students (WBS)
    Feb 16 | Excursion
  • Issues of Human Rights Policy from a German Perspective
    Christoph ​​​​​​​Strässer (Federal Government Comissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid, Germany)
    Feb 13 | Guest Lecture
  • How U.S. Diplomacy Strenghtens Economic Ties
    Thomas ​​​​​​​Miller (Minister-Counselor for Public Affairs, U.S. Embassy Berlin)
    Feb 3 | Guest Lecture
  • Discussion
    Florian ​​​​​​​Hoffmann, Hasnain Bokhari, Aline Mugisho, Ritu Sharma, Arslan Yaseen (WBS)
    Jan 21 | Discussion