| Willy Brandt School of Public Policy

Brandt School: We #StandWithUkraine

The Brandt School stands with people in Ukraine and stresses the relevance of education, checks and balances, and global responses to global challenges.

We at Brandt School are utterly shocked and extremely saddened to see the war in Ukraine unfold. As a School with numerous ties to Eastern Europe and several students and colleagues from Ukraine, we feel directly affected by it. Our thoughts and feelings go out to the people of Ukraine, but also to all those Russians who do not accept this form of needless and outrageous aggression. They also deserve our support.

The war ushers in a new and very dangerous time for Europe and the World. It also puts in sharp relief, once again, how important it is to educate university students and citizens in general how to think independently and critically. How important it is to be wary of nationalist historical narratives. How important checks and balances are in a political system. And how relevant it is to address global challenges as a global community.

We will do our best support all those suffering from this war. To the best of our capabilities, we will offer shelter for academics and policy experts who seek institutional refuge with us. We will promote unbiased knowledge and question naïve and simplistic narratives about global challenges. And we will be resilient in adversity.

We will not lose our faith in peaceful solutions, diplomacy and a rules-based international order. We #StandWithUkraine.