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Workshop on the Future of Work in Mexico (Research Project PolDigWork)

On March 9th the new research project @PolDigWork – Politics and the Future of Work in Middle-Income Countries held its first workshop in one of the partner countries: Mexico.

The event was co-organized with the Seminar for the Studies of the Future at the Centre for International Studies, Colegio de México, and the Mexican office of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. We invited 20 experts of various sectors: government, industry, trade unions, academia and technology. We discussed what types of technological change will have what types of effects for labour markets and the society at large. We also discussed implications for policymaking. Some of the major findings included major silos between experts and the need to break them down to find creative solutions for the repercussions of increasing automation, digitalization and the use of artificial intelligence.

While the workshop was for invited guests only, we also hosted a roundtable discussion which was streamed live (in Spanish only).


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