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Science Thrives on Openness to the World!

The University of Erfurt is once again welcoming students and colleagues from all over the world – including from crisis regions – for the summer semester. The Presidium has now taken this as an opportunity to once again call for cosmopolitanism, diversity and tolerance in a statement...

The University of Erfurt endeavours to serve the peaceful coexistence of people in freedom through research, teaching and study and calls on all its members and affiliates to support this goal. Science thrives on the co-operative and respectful exchange of knowledge and ideas, on the introduction of multiple perspectives, on objective, fact-based debate and open, respectful discussion. Science thrives on openness to the world, can cross borders and connect cultures. Internationality in research and teaching is therefore an important dimension of living diversity on our campus.

The University of Erfurt recognises both the differences between people and the similarities that unite them. In terms of studying and teaching, the University of Erfurt's approach to diversity is linked to the aim of actively supporting students in their diversity. The University prepares its students for the challenges of a highly complex and globally interconnected society and enables them to act confidently in professional, social and societal contexts, to deal with ambiguities in a reflective manner and to apply their knowledge in a meaningful way. In this way, the university contributes to socially responsible action in a world characterised by uncertainty and requiring resilience to cope with ongoing and impending crises.

It is the recognition of our differences that unites students, teachers and researchers at the university. This bond is based on enabling equal opportunities and participation as well as opening up a shared space of freedom and tolerance. The university is therefore firmly opposed to discrimination, regardless of whether it is direct or indirect, structural or institutional, addresses a specific characteristic or is directed at several dimensions. It also takes a firm stance against all forms of harassment and violence. Diversity and tolerance are seen and practised as a matter of course when working together and as an enrichment in everyday university life.

We, the members and affiliates of the University of Erfurt, expressly welcome students, teachers and researchers from the world's crisis and war zones to the University of Erfurt to share and support the University's goals. If they or their families and friends are exposed to violence, war and terror in their countries of origin and have to suffer as a result, the University of Erfurt expressly expresses its sympathy to them. In view of ongoing conflicts worldwide, it joins the calls for these conflicts to be resolved without violence and for innocent people to be protected from the suffering associated with coercion and violence.