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The 2024 US Elections - A Bipartisan Outlook

On Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024, the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy and the Chair of North American History, in cooperation with the US Consulate General in Leipzig and the Cornell University Institute for Politics and Global Affairs, had the honor of hosting two former US Congressmen, Tom Davis (R) and Steve Israel (D), in a bipartisan event to discuss the 2024 US presidential elections. The event was expertly moderated by Sudha David-Wilp, regional director of the Berlin office and a senior fellow of the German Marshall Fund of the United States. 2024 is a record setting year for elections, with more people worldwide heading to the polls than ever before.

US Election Event
Tom Davis, Sudha David-Wilp, and Steve Israel

For ninety minutes, students, academics, and many others had the opportunity to talk with the two experienced politicians and campaign strategists about topics such as gerrymandering, the increasing polarization of society, and campaign financing. For the upcoming presidential elections in the United States, the importance of so-called swing states, a diminishing acknowledgement of Democratic institutions, and the challenges of an aging political establishment were discussed. The perception of the national economy and the ability to meet and appeal to voters where they are at were emphasized as further crucial topics for the outcome of the elections. The variety of perspectives provided by this bipartisan podium was of particularly interesting to the audience.

We are delighted that this constructive discussion was able to take place and would like to thank all attendees and cooperation partners for an enriching and informative evening!

Authors: Victoria Jentschke (MA transcultural History) und Julian Suppinger (BA History)