Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities according to §4 of the statutes of the Centre for Teacher Training and Educational Research

Erfurt School of Education (ESE)

  • In agreement with the Director of the ESE, the Advisory Board makes recommendations for the development priorities on which the work of the ESE should primarily focus in the medium term. These recommendations are made available to the Presidium
  • The Advisory Board also advises the Director on all matters relating to the ESE's development goals


Members according to §4 of the statutes


Director of the Erfurt School of Education (ESE)

Professor Dr Gerd Mannhaupt


Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Erfurt

Professor Dr Gerd Mannhaupt


Chairperson of the Education Committee of the Thuringian State Parliament

by proxy:

Torsten Wolf

Spokesperson for science and higher education policy

(Die Linke, German left-wing party))


Representative of the Thuringian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Wilfried Huth

Deputy Head of Unit 34


Head of the Office for Education in Erfurt

Dr Werner Ungewiß


Two external experts in education and/or further education

Professor Dr Dietmar Heisler (CHAIRMAN OF THE ADVISORY BOARD)

University of Paderborn

Professor Dr Matthea Wagener

Dresden University of Technology


Two representatives from external business-related educational institutions

Steffi Lange

Board member of the School-Business-Thuringia working group and head teacher of the "Wilhelm Hey" secondary school in Ichtershausen


Marco Eberl

Chairman of the Board of the Protestant School Foundation of Central Germany


Advisory function

Thomas Umbreit

Board member of the Working Group School-Economy-Thuringia and headmaster of the "Wilhelm Hey" secondary school in Ichtershausen