Writing the Thesis

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  • As soon as the proposal for the topic and the reviewers has been confirmed by the examination board, a time period of five months begins during which students are to complete their theses. The confirmation of the topic takes place via the notification in the online system of the ESE. Here you also acknowledge that you have received the confirmation from the examination board and that you have taken note that the time period for writing your thesis begins.
  • You can check the submission date of your work here at any time. If you fall ill while working on your thesis and indicate this by filling out the appropriate form, the recalculated submission date will also be stored in the online system.
  • The main contact person in the editing process is the first examiner. If you have any problems with your supervision, you can contact the Director of Studies or the ESE management.

Good luck!

Support for the writing process:

UniSchulPlattform (University-School-Webpage) All information at a glance
Projektbild fmm, "Mastermind"-Wortwolke
Research Laboratory Mastermind about the project
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Approval of Empirical Studies overview

Deadlines for Master's Theses in the MEd*

*Please note that the procedure differs in the Department of Elementary Education, which has its own deadlines. Details can be found on their website.
Semester Submission of the (digital) application Confirmation of the Topic Begin of the research period Date of submission
Summer 2021 by 11.01.2021 from 19.02.2021 19.02.2021 19.07.2021
Winter 2021/22 by 10.08.2021 from 10.09.2021 10.09.2021 10.02.2022
Summer 2022 by 11.01.2022 from 14.02.2022 14.02.2022 14.07.2022
Winter 2022/23 by 10.08.2022 from 12.09.2022 12.09.2022 13.02.2023
Summer 2023 by 11.01.2023 from 14.02.2023 14.02.2023 14.07.2023
Winter 2023/24 by 10.08.2023 from 12.09.2023 12.09.2023 12.02.2024
Summer 2024 by 11.01.2024 from 15.02.2024 15.02.2024 15.07.2024
Winter 2024/25 by 10.08.2024 from 12.09.2024 12.09.2024 12.02.2025
Summer 2025 by 10.01.2025 from 14.02.2025 14.02.2025 14.07.2025