Master's Thesis

With the Master's thesis you have an extensive scientific thesis ahead of you, which makes up a considerable part of your course work in the Master of Education training program. A wise choice of topic and method for the thesis will not only enable you to engage with your chosen focus in a motivated manner. It also gives you the opportunity to achieve an important milestone on your journey towards professionalization in the teaching profession. You can draw inspiration from particularly successful papers from previous semesters (see here).


For your work, you should follow these basic guidelines:

„The Master's thesis is an application-oriented written or artistic/practical examination with which the candidate is to demonstrate that he/she is able to independently work on a problem from the areas of learning covered in the training program within a specified period of time using scientific methods and to present the results in an appropriate manner.“ (MEd-PO-R § 2 (6))

see the examination regulations

From the idea to the application in 4 steps

Step 1: Develop topic proposal

The examination regulations give candidates the opportunity to propose the topic of their Master's thesis and two reviewers to the examination board. This is done with the application for the issue of a topic.

The application for the issue of a topic for the Master's thesis should be preceded by consultations with the proposed reviewers. Since the first reviewer is usually also responsible for supervising the thesis, the greatest need for coordination exists with this person. He/she can give advice on the feasibility of the chosen topic and research question as well as impulses on the focus of the thesis and draw attention to relevant literature. In order to avoid problems in the course of the processing time, we recommend at least one detailed discussion with each of the reviewers before applying for a topic.

Step 2: Adhere to deadlines

The application can only be submitted on set deadlines. The application is done in the ESE online system.

There you use the provided digital form (tab "Masterarbeit"). After logging into the online system, you can edit this form at any time before submission and save the intermediate status.

If you want to write the master's thesis in the subjects German , Mathematics or Social Studies and Science  (Grundschule), you also have to meet internal deadlines, which can be found on the pages of the respective departments.

Step 3: Submit application digitally

Once you have sufficiently discussed your topic with the reviewers and have finalized a title for the paper, please submit your digital proposal by the deadline using the "Antrag einreichen" (submit proposal) button in the ESE online system.
Important: Your proposal is considered incomplete until we have received a paper form with the reviewers' signatures and your own signature. Please sign with a blue pen if possible.

Step 4: Submit application with signatures


Finally, print the form and have it signed by the reviewers. Now sign it yourself and submit it in person to the ESE office or by mail to  the ESE. The submission deadline is 7 days after the last submission deadline for the digital form.

Along with your application, please also submit a current enrollment certificate (printout from E.L.V.I.S.).


Signed applications for the issue of topics for master's theses are also accepted digitally. Please note the following for digital copies:

  • - Only fully signed applications (signature reviewer* 1 and 2, signature student*) will be accepted.
  • - A scanned or digitally drawn PDF document is best suited. Please refrain from sending image files or photographs that are difficult to read.
  • - Students are responsible for submitting applications via email. Please do not leave the forwarding to the reviewers. Any delays resulting from this will not be excused.
  • - Send the complete application and a current certificate of enrollment to Ms.  Daniela Bocklischor Ms. Maria Trüpschuh.

If you do not submit the signed form (paper/digital) by the deadline, your application cannot be considered.


Männchen, das sich freut, weil es ein Thema gefunden hat!

Deadlines for Master's Theses in the MEd*

*Please note that the procedure differs in the Department of Elementary Education, which has its own deadlines. Details can be found on their website.
Semester Submission of the (digital) application Confirmation of the Topic Begin of the research period Date of submission
Summer 2021 by 11.01.2021 from 19.02.2021 19.02.2021 19.07.2021
Winter 2021/22 by 10.08.2021 from 10.09.2021 10.09.2021 10.02.2022
Summer 2022 by 11.01.2022 from 14.02.2022 14.02.2022 14.07.2022
Winter 2022/23 by 10.08.2022 from 12.09.2022 12.09.2022 13.02.2023
Summer 2023 by 11.01.2023 from 14.02.2023 14.02.2023 14.07.2023
Winter 2023/24 by 10.08.2023 from 12.09.2023 12.09.2023 12.02.2024
Summer 2024 by 11.01.2024 from 15.02.2024 15.02.2024 15.07.2024
Winter 2024/25 by 10.08.2024 from 12.09.2024 12.09.2024 12.02.2025
Summer 2025 by 10.01.2025 from 14.02.2025 14.02.2025 14.07.2025