SPS - Practical School Studies (BOS & VOS)

Requirements for the internship

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  • proof of sufficient vaccination protection (at least two measles vaccinations) or sufficient immunisation against measles must be provided to the school management of the internship school (Measles Protection Act 01.03.2020).

Further information on how to deal with the measles protection act and on approved means of proof can be found here.


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  • Acquisition of initial experience in teaching and extra-curricular fields of action in the type of school that corresponds to the teacher training programme.
  • Observing and acting in the school environment in order to get to know the variety of tasks that needs to be completed in schools.
  • Experiencing the requirements of everyday professional life as a teacher and reflecting on them with regard to one's own professional expectations.
  • Describing and analysing situations that occured in school or while teaching on the basis of the theoretical frame of reference conveyed in the accompanying course in order to initiate an initial understanding of the phenomena that were observed and experienced.

Exemplary fields of action

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  • Job shadowing and classroom observations
  • Insight into and support of teachers' activities
  • Supporting individual pupils
  • Insight into and support of the work at school
  • ...

Scope and time frame

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  • either in the 3rd or 4th semester of the Bachelor's programme
  • 6 LP in the module Practical School Studies (SPS) by enrolling in VOS (compulsory guidance and reflection in the seminar) and BOS (practical experience).
  • Internship with a total scope of 110 hours. Of these, 30 can be completed before the accompanying seminar or during the semester alongside the seminar. The remaining 80 hours or the entire 110 hours are completed during the lecture-free period after attending the seminar.

Learning location

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  • self-selected school(s) in Thüringia, in Germany or abroad
  • School must correspond to the desired teaching profession

Process and organisation

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  • Enrolment in VOS (compulsory instruction and reflection in the seminar) and BOS (practical experience) in E.L.V.I.S. (instructions for enrolment via ESE Onlinesee comment).
  • Attendance of the chosen accompanying seminar during the semester
  • independent arrangement of the internship at the school and finalisation of the internship contract
  • Students with crafts or school gardenas a subject should note the further special regulations for these subject areas.  
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