Details on the digital submission

At the end of the 5-month period you submit your work via the digital examination platform "UNIwise" of the University of Erfurt. From here it will be distributed to the reviewers after internal processing. The most important prerequisite for your work to be sent to the reviewers is that it is submitted on time (see below for deadlines).

Your digital master's thesis must contain the following documents in one PDF file:

  •     Manuscript of the thesis
  •     German short summary of the thesis (guideline: 200 words), which is inserted behind the title page of the thesis.

The PDF document must not exceed a size of 20 MB. In addition to this file, one more file with attachments or appendices can be uploaded. Here you are required to attach the following as a PDF file:

  •     Declaration of authorship signed by hand (in blue) (scan or digital signature);

Step by step to the submission

  1. Follow the link from the WISEFlow email or click here: UniWise.
  2. Click on the "eduGAIN" button under the "Anmeldung wählen" (Select registration) tab, select the University of Erfurt as your educational institution and log in to the system with your data.
  3. You have already been activated for the flow "Masterarbeiten im MEd" (Master's theses in the MEd). Please click on this flow now.
  4. Please upload your master's thesis as a PDF file using the "Hochladen" (upload) button.
  5. If necessary, add another document with attachments to your thesis.
  6. Afterwards, select the field "Zum Abgeben hier klicken" (click here to submit) on the right side of the overview.
  7. Have a submission receipt sent to you by email.
  8. Your work has now been submitted digitally and will be forwarded to your reviewers for evaluation.

Please note:

  • You can only submit your work once and cannot withdraw it afterwards. Therefore, please check your information and attachments carefully beforehand.
  • There is a size limit for the PDF of the master's thesis of max. 20 MB. Use the appendix to attach another larger document. Here you can also upload several documents in one compressed file (ZIP format). Furthermore, e.g. Adobe Acrobat offers the possibility to reduce the size of PDFs (see: Tools, Optimize PDF).
  • In the case of group work, each person submits the group work via their personal account.
  • Your reviewers will have access to your work as soon as you have submitted it.
  • Your reviewers have been asked to submit reviews of your work to ESE through the usual channels. You will be contacted by us when the result for your master's thesis has been determined. There will be no notification via WISEFlow.

Data protection

All theses are checked for plagiarism after submission and compared to all other theses at the University of Erfurt as well as the Internet and stored on the University of Erfurt server for further plagiarism checks.

For this reason, you are not required to submit the usual cover sheet for Master's theses, which shows your personal data. In addition, please avoid any information in the thesis that contains personal data about you or other perple. This serves the purpose of data protection.

A data protection compliant cover sheet for your thesis will be generated by WISEflow when you submit it. Most entries are made automatically. You only have to enter the title of your work.

Do not upload any additional materials (e.g. videos, interview recordings) that contain sensitive and/or personal data (this includes faces, first names, etc.). Often these materials are not necessary for the review, as their transcripts are sufficient for evaluation. If such file attachments are required for the review, they must be anonymized. Please be sure to discuss with your reviewers which attachments should be submitted before uploading files to WISEFlow.

Printed Copies

Master theses must always be submitted digitally. Compliance with the submission deadline is determined solely by the receipt of the thesis in WISEFlow. If your reviewers wish to receive an additional printed copy, this must be submitted to one of the ESE administration offices no later than 3 working days after the submission deadline. From here it will be distributed to the reviewers. A direct delivery of printed copies to the reviewers is not permitted. Formatting and binding requirements can be defined by the reviewers.

Deadlines for Master's Theses in the MEd*

*Please note that the procedure differs in the Department of Elementary Education, which has its own deadlines. Details can be found on their website.
Semester Submission of the (digital) application Confirmation of the Topic Begin of the research period Date of submission
Summer 2021 by 11.01.2021 from 19.02.2021 19.02.2021 19.07.2021
Winter 2021/22 by 10.08.2021 from 10.09.2021 10.09.2021 10.02.2022
Summer 2022 by 11.01.2022 from 14.02.2022 14.02.2022 14.07.2022
Winter 2022/23 by 10.08.2022 from 12.09.2022 12.09.2022 13.02.2023
Summer 2023 by 11.01.2023 from 14.02.2023 14.02.2023 14.07.2023
Winter 2023/24 by 10.08.2023 from 12.09.2023 12.09.2023 12.02.2024
Summer 2024 by 11.01.2024 from 15.02.2024 15.02.2024 15.07.2024
Winter 2024/25 by 10.08.2024 from 12.09.2024 12.09.2024 12.02.2025
Summer 2025 by 10.01.2025 from 14.02.2025 14.02.2025 14.07.2025

Deadline Extension

In particularly justified individual cases (cases of hardship), an extension of the deadline can be requested from the MEd Examination Board. If you would like to submit a request to the examination board, please note that this must be done at least 7 days before the deadline of your master's thesis.

The following documents are required:

  • Formal request (separate letter) addressed to the Master of Education Examination Board stating the original submission date (including all previous extensions), the number of days of the requested extension, and a detailed justification.
  • Evidence helpful in substantiating the request, e.g..: Parenting Certificate, information about childcare facility closures, etc.
  • Statement from the primary reviewer(s) that the requested extension seems appropriate to complete the work by the requested deadline (can be done via email).

Please send the complete documents to benjamin.dreer@uni-erfurt.dewith the subject "Request for extension of time to complete the thesis".

Prior telephone consultation is possible during office hours. You will usually receive a decision within 3-5 working days.