SOP - Special Needs Education Internships

Three specialisations can be studied in the Master of Education programme in Special Needs Education:

  •     Mental development
  •     Learning
  •     Emotional and Social Development

Students have chosen two of these specialisations and complete a block placement in each of them.

Requirements for the internship

(Kopie 1)

  • proof of sufficient vaccination protection (at least two measles vaccinations) or sufficient immunisation against measles must be provided to the school management of the internship school (Measles Protection Act 01.03.2020).

Further information on how to deal with the measles protection act and on approved means of proof can be found here.


(Kopie 2)

  • Developing the competence to analyse, plan, design and reflect on teaching in different learning situations in school.
  • Developing cooperative and advisory skills
  • Developing the ability to critically assess special needs education models and their implementation.

Exemplary fields of action

(Kopie 3)

  • Lesson observation in preparation for own teaching attempts
  • Supporting individual students in their learning
  • Carrying out own teaching attempts
  • ...

Scope and time frame

(Kopie 4)

  • 1st-4th semester of the Master of Education programme in Special Needs Education
  • 3 LP through 80 hours of practical training in each of the two selected specialisations

Learning location

(Kopie 5)

  • self-selected school according to the instructions given in the accompanying course
  • School must correspond to the aspired teaching profession

Process and organisation

(Kopie 6)

  • Enrolment via E.L.V.I.S.: The internship is part of the modules of the respective specialisations in the Master of Education programme.
  • Attendance of the accompanying courses during the lecture period prior to the internship
  • Independent arrangement of the internship at the school and signing of the internship contract
  • Submission of the internship report/written work with the internship certificate to the respective department