Internship on the Basics of Interdisciplinary Educational Science (IBG)

Requirements for the internship

(Kopie 1)

  • proof of sufficient vaccination protection (at least two measles vaccinations) or sufficient immunisation against measles must be provided to the school management of the internship school (Measles Protection Act 01.03.2020).

Further information on how to deal with the measles protection act and on approved means of proof can be found here.


(Kopie 2)

  • Acquisition of general teaching skills for planning and designing lessons
  • gaining initial teaching experience
  • Developing the competence to analyze, plan and reflect on lessons

Exemplary fields of action

(Kopie 3)

  • Job shadowing and explorations in preparation for you own initial teaching attempts
  • ...

Scope and time frame

(Kopie 4)

  • 5th semester of the Bachelor's programme
  • 3 LP by attending the accompanying course and 30 hours of internship (2 weeks) at a school during the lecture-free period.

Learning location

(Kopie 5)

  • self-selected school according to the instructions given in the accompanying course
  • School must correspond to the aspired teaching profession

Process and organisation

(Kopie 6)

  • Enrolment via E.L.V.I.S.: The internship is part of the module Basics of Interdisciplinary Educational Science in the bachelor's programme (Studium Fundamentale).
  • Attendance of the accompanying course during the lecture period prior to the internship
  • independent arrangement of the internship at the school and signing of the internship contract
  • Submitting the internship report/portfolio with the internship certificate to the Department of School Pedagogy


(Kopie 7)

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