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Your way into the classroom - teacher training in the Bachelor's/Master's system

Structure of teacher training: With your studies at the University of Erfurt (Bachelor's degree and Master of Education degree) and the subsequent preparatory service, you can become an English teacher, German teacher, religion teacher, art teacher, music teacher, ethics teacher, maths teacher, French and Russian teacher or sports teacher at Primary schools.

Teaching profession Primary schools: What subjects does the teaching profession prepare students for?

*Compulsory in the major subject
Subject Teaching Subject
English and American Studies English
Protestant Religion Protestant Religion
German Studies German
Catholic Religion Catholic Religion
Arts Arts
Mathematics Mathematics
Music Music
Philosophy Ethics
Primary Education* German and/or Mathematics, Social Studies and Science and/or Educational Gardening
Religious Studies Ethics
Romance Studies French
Slavic Studies Russian
Physical Education Sport
Technology Handicrafts/Technology etc.

Phases of teacher training

Bachelor's programme

In the Bachelor's programme, you combine the main subject Primary Education (old: Primary and Elementary Education) with a minor subject relevant to the teaching profession. In the Bachelor's degree, you study the pure subjects; only in the Master of Education is school practice added in addition to the subject content.

1. main compartment

Primary Education: 1.-2. teaching subject

The main subject Primary Education is compulsory. The Primary Education major provides you with insights into the pedagogical, sociological and psychological foundations of childhood as a social phenomenon related to school and teaching.

It serves to develop a deeper understanding of the educational and upbringing processes of children of primary school age, taking into account the requirements of transitions from the elementary to the primary sector and into the secondary school system.

With this degree programme, you will acquire the basics for children's education and development processes in two or three of four primary school subjects: German, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science and educational garden.

Primary school subjects in the basic variant:

  • German and
  • Mathematics

If you choose German Studies or Mathematics as a minor subject, you must study modules in Integrative Sachbildung. Integrative Sachbildung can be studied in one of the following variants:

  • Variant B.1:
    Integrative Sachbildung with a focus on sustainability education (Teaching Subject Social Studies and Science)
  • Variant B.2:
    Integrative Education with a focus on educational gardening (subjects Social Studies and Science and educational garden)

Please note that the Primary Education programme is admissions restricted courses (with numerus clausus).

to the bachelor's programme Primary Education

2nd minor subject

Choice for the 3rd subject

Combination rules

Subject combinations for teaching profession Primary schools


For a teacher training programme in Primary schools, the major subject Primary Education must be chosen. This can be combined with various subsidiary subjects relevant to a teaching degree.

Combine now!

When combining with the minor subject German Studies* or Mathematics*:

  • Students with a minor in German Studies study the modules in Basic Mathematics and Integrative Subject Education in the Primary Education major.
  • Students with a minor in Mathematics study the modules in Basic German and modules in Integrative Subject Education in their major in Primary Education.
  • Integrative subject education can be studied in one of the following variants:
    • Variant B.1: Integrative Sachbildung with a focus on sustainability education (subject Social Studies and Science)
    • Variant B.2: Integrative Sachbildung with focus on school garden (subject Social Studies and Science) [limited number of places].
Major subject (teaching subject) Minor subject (teaching subject)
Primary Education (two or three of: German, Maths, Social Studies and Science, Educational Garden) English and American Studies (English)
  Protestant Religion (Protestant Religion)
  German Studies* (German)
  Catholic Religion (Catholic Religion)
  Arts (Arts)
  Mathematics* (Maths)
  Music (Music)
  Philosophy (Ethics)
  Religious Studies (Ethics)
  Romance Studies (French)
  Slavic Studies (Russian)
  Sport and Movement Education (Sport)
  Technology (for Secondary Schools)

Assessment of the bachelor's programme Primary Education

Apply online for the winter semester!

You can apply for the admission-restricted major Primary Education and your chosen minor subject from 1 May to 15 July.

Bewerbungsfrist für zulassungsbeschränkte Studiengänge

Master's programme: specialisation & school practice

The Bachelor's degree is followed by the Master of Education Primary schools.

Master of Education Primary schools

On the basis of a corresponding bachelor's programme, the Master's programme "Master of Education Primary schools" prepares you for the teaching qualification for the subjects German and Mathematics (basic subjects) as well as at least one further subject (special subject). On the one hand, you will gain knowledge about the social framework conditions of school and teaching and, on the other hand, you will develop competences that will enable you to plan, implement and reflect on subject- and school-type-related processes of teaching and learning in a theory-based manner.

Master's programme teaching profession Primary schools

Schüler im Klassenraum
Schulheft und Würfen Mathe
Auswertung Unterrichtsstunde

Internships in the teacher training programme

In the Master's programme, school practice is reinforced. Apply what you have learned in the various internships.

  • Subject didactic internships
    (one internship in each basic subject and two internships in the specialisation subject)
  • Educational science internships
    (in the 1st semester: diagnosing, assessing and counselling, in the 2nd semester: education, classroom management, conflict resolution)
  • Complex school internship in Thuringia or abroad
    (in the 3rd or 4th semester: 15-week internship at the learning location school)

more information on school practice

Stays abroad in the teacher training programme (optional)

The various internships during the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes offer you the opportunity to look beyond your own nose, get to know schools in other countries and create unique experiences abroad as part of your teaching degree.

School internship abroad

Our (former) students

Campus Spezialistin Lena
student Lena

Lena combined Primary Education with Sport and Physical Education in her Bachelor's degree and is now studying for a Master of Education Primary Schools

Learn more about Lena

Alumna Tanja Lehramt Grundschule
graduate Tanja

Tanja combined Primary Education (formerly Primary and Elementary Education) with German Studies and completed the Master of Education Primary schools. Today she works in her dream job as a teacher.

Learn more about Tanja

Absolventin Ina Lehramt Grundschule
graduate Ina

Ina combined childhood education (now primary education) with English and American Studies and Philosophy and completed a Master of Education in Primary Education. Today she works as a head teacher and staff councillor.

Learn more about Ina

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