Unterrichtssituation im Praktikum

Internships are a central element of the professional qualification in the first training phase of future teachers, which is the university education.

The internship concept of teacher training in Erfurt continuously combines theoretical and practical study components. This begins in the Bachelor's programs with observation, exploration and job shadowing internships and continues in the Master's programs with internships that focus on specific educational science and issues of subject didactics. All internships are mandatory components of modules and are theoretically prepared, accompanied and followed up in these modules.

The following overview shows which internships must be completed by students with the respective career goal in the Bachelor's and Master's program. All internships are mandatory.

It should be noted that internships completed in the Bachelor's programme are admission requirements for the subsequent Master's of Education programmes.

Internships in the Bachelor's programme

Career goal SPS (BOS & VOS) IBG
Primary school teacher x x
Teacher at regular schools x x
Special Needs pedagogy x x
Teacher at vocational schools x x

Internships in the Master's programme

x x   x
x x   x
x x x  
x x    


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