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Symposium: Geoeconomics. On the Securitization of Trade, Economy and Technology

12. Jun 2024, 1.00 pm - 6.00 pm
Research building "Weltbeziehungen", seminar room (ground floor) (C19)
Research Group Security and Capitalism
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Opening event of the Research Group Security and Capitalism at the University of Erfurt

Geo-economics has become subject to conversations across academic disciplines. The symposium aims to explore interdisciplinary approaches on the topic from law, political economy, and international relations, and put them into a conversation. It also seeks to showcase existing strands of research at the University of Erfurt. The symposium is the opening event of the newly established research group on Security and Capitalism, supported by the University of Erfurt, and is open to all interested members of the university community. Special attention will be given to involving early career researchers and their projects.

The symposium is organized around three core themes: trade and finance; strategic sectors; and technology and infrastructure. Short interventions will kick off the conversations.

Franz Haniel Professor for Public Policy
(Willy Brandt School of Public Policy)
C19 - Research Building "Weltbeziehungen" / C19.02.05