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Brandt School's Global Reach Expands with the New Academic Partnership with El Colegio de México

The Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt takes a significant step towards global engagement by forging a new academic partnership with the El Colegio de México.

In July 2023, the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy and El Colegio de México formally launched their academic partnership during the Commitment Award ceremony. Prof. José Luis Méndez Martínez, representing El Colegio de México, visited the University of Erfurt, and against the backdrop of this partnership, he also delivered a laudatory speech about the Brandt School's Mexican student Calep Pimienta and his digital competence project, which won one of the Commitment Awards 2023.


Prof. Dr. Achim Kemmerling, Prof. José Luis Méndez Martínez, Prof. Dr. Heike Grimm, Dr. Hasnain Bokhari
Prof. Dr. Achim Kemmerling, Prof. José Luis Méndez Martínez, Prof. Dr. Heike Grimm, Dr. Hasnain Bokhari

Fostering International Exchange and Collaboration

At the Brandt School, we have built a solid reputation for our commitment to internationalization and global engagement. Our institution has long been dedicated to exploring and creating strong international partnerships that have a profound scientific impact, addressing critical global issues such as energy crisis, digitalization or socio-economic development. We actively foster collaborations with institutions worldwide, as these partnerships provide invaluable opportunities for both our students and faculty to engage in teaching, learning, research, and various academic activities across the globe.

Strengthening Academic Ties

This latest partnership with El Colegio de México marks a significant milestone in our pursuit of academic excellence and global cooperation. The primary goal of this collaboration is to establish and strengthen academic ties between the Brandt School and El Colegio. We envision a future where students and faculty from both institutions will have the opportunity to engage in enriching exchanges and collaborate on joint research projects. The first steps towards this partnership have already been put into motion. In the Winter Semester of 2022, Dr. Hasnain Bokhari, the Brandt School's lead for internationalization and digitalization, initiated a joint assignment on Collaborative Online and International Learning (COIL) with the Department of Gender Studies. Looking ahead, in September 2023, Dr. Bokhari will further strengthen this partnership by visiting El Colegio de México and offering a workshop to its students on the topic of AI and Public Policy.    

About Our Partner: El Colegio de México

El Colegio de México, located in the vibrant metropolis of Mexico City, is a prestigious public sector institution renowned for its excellence in social sciences and humanities. El Colegio offers a diverse range of programs, with core areas of expertise encompassing International Relations, Public Administration, Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Urban Studies, Demography, Environmental Studies, and Gender Studies, among others.  

In recent years, the Brandt School has cultivated a diverse array of academic partnerships with renowned institutions, including Central European University, Universiti Malaya, and the Federman School of Public Policy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. With this partnership, we look forward to transcending geographical and cultural boundaries, empowering our academic communities to connect, learn, and contribute to the global discourse in these crucial fields.