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Project “Everyday Practical Peacebuilding” Will Work With the Thuringia International School Of Weimar

Students from the “Conflict Studies and Management” Specialization of the MPP at the WBS won a European Solidarity Corps and now they are starting to consolidate partners in Thuringia to collaborate in the project.

Dr. Alejandra Ortiz-head of the Conflict Specialization-, Matthew Ragget -Director of Thuringia International School-,  and Nancy Apraez – member of the project
Dr. Alejandra Ortiz- Head of the Conflict Specialization; Matthew Ragget- Director of Thuringia International School and Nancy Apraez – Member of the Project

The project, “Everyday Practical Peacebuilding”, led by Dr. Alejandra Ortiz-Ayala and conformed by first-year students - Patricia Caparó, Nancy Apraez, María José Quirola, Lara Schüth, Anne-Christin Jelitte -, along with help of local NGO, Culture Goes Europe (CGE), visited on August 22 the Thuringia International School in Weimar. They met with its Director, Matthew Ragget, to discuss the route for collaborating with the school, particularly with high school students, on topics such as peacebuilding and preventing indirect and direct violence.

This is the beginning of a medium-term intervention that aims to tackle some of the challenges of the region by creating spaces for integration, discussion, and connection with people from different backgrounds trying to prevent polarization. From September on, the teams will meet more often to design the intervention.

Remain attentive to see the implementation and results of this initiative.

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