Internationalization Strategy

The University of Erfurt focuses its objectives towards excellence of research and appealing aca­demic and teaching conditions. This can only be achieved by a cooperative and international approach. Therefore, we offer excellent working conditions for scholars in their early academic career and for academics form abroad. Students have the possibility to study abroad and make a lifetime experience at the same time. The University of Erfurt is welcoming the entire world, men and women from approx. 90 countries study, teach and conduct research there.


In addition to the improvement and/or perpetuation of competitiveness of the University of Erfurt on a national and international level, the university attaches special importance to providing a neutral spa­ce for academic discourse. Social support and non-academic integration of international students is also of special importance for the successful completion of studies. The University of Erfurt, therefore, has a series of support programs.

Some goals of the internationalisation strategy for the next years are: 

  • Sustainable perpetuation of our welcoming culture
  • Development and maintenance of international appealing Bachelor and Master degree courses
  • Organization of international summer/winter schools
  • Promotion and development of offerings for the acquisition of intercultural competencies

The council for international affairs supports these efforts.

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