Faculty Council

As a self-governing body below the central structure (§§ 40 I, 38 ThürHG in conjunction with § 13 GO-UE), the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Political Science performs the tasks of the university on its own responsibility in accordance with the Basic Regulations. In particular, the Faculty Council is responsible for

  • for resolutions on appointment proposals
  • for study and examination matters
  • for research matters
  • for passing resolutions on examination and study regulations and internal faculty statutes.

Furthermore, the Faculty Council cooperates with the other self-governing units of the university, in particular with regard to the content of the organisation of teaching, study, research and further education (§38 III, IV ThürHG).

The Faculty Council meets monthly and is open to the public.


The Faculty Council meets in different compositions, which result from §40 ThürHG in conjunction with §13 II, V GO-UE. §13 II, V GO-UE.

Permanent Faculty Council

According to §40 I 1 ThürHG i.V.m §13 II S. 1 GO-UE, the permanent faculty council consists of 8 voting members. The Dean presides (§13 III p. 2).

Chair: Prof. Dr. Till Talaulicar

2 members from the group of university lecturers

Prof. Dr. Till Talaulicar
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wegner
2 members from the group of students

Konstantin Auwärter
Moritz Thier

2 members from the academic staff group

Henriette Schubert-Zunker
Michael Güpner 

2 members from the group of staff in technology and administration

Birgit Schöppe 

Ass. iur. Sandra Ostermann


Extended Faculty Council

For decisions pursuant to §40 I p. 2 ThürHG in conjunction with §13 II p. 2 GO-UE. §13 II S. 2 GO-UE, the Faculty Council meets in an extended composition. In addition to the members of the Permanent Faculty Council, there are then 5 further voting members from the group of university teachers.

Prof. Dr. Hermann-Josef Blanke

Prof. Dr. André Brodocz

Prof. Dr. Oliver Himmler

Prof. Dr. Achim Kemmerling

Prof. Dr. Oliver Kessler

Grand Faculty Council

In the case of a resolution on the formation of the appointment committees or on the proposal lists for appointments, all members of the group of university teachers* may join the Permanent Faculty Council (§13 V GO-UE).


Student council Economics, Law and Social Sciences

The Student Representative Council (FSR) represents all students of the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Erfurt and is therefore the contact for all kinds of questions and problems. It stands up for the interests of the students and organises various events (lectures, discussions, parties, etc.) to make student life more varied and interesting.

You can find all further information about the student council here.

21st Student Council


Katharina Kerl, Stephan Kaspar und Jon Eberson


Department spokesperson - Law

Clara Duske


Department spokesperson - Social sciences

Stephan Kaspar


Department spokesperson - Economics

Paulina Thoma


Department spokesperson - International Relations

Tom Stünkel und Maximilian Keßler


Department: Finances

Nadine Biermann


Department: Public Relations

Annika Henne


Department: University Politics

Paulina Thoma


Department: Culture

Meike Krieger und Clara Duske


Department: Extracurricular Education

Tom Stünkel und Maximilian Keßler