Welcome to the Chair of Applied Microeconomics

We are all members of the graduate center Center for Empirical Research in Economics and Behavioral Sciences (CEREB). The goal of CEREB is to bring together scholars in the fields of economics and behavioral sciences and to promote discourse and research success among participating scholars. The guiding themes are theoretical modeling of human decision behavior and the design of social institutions. Subgroups of CEREB are involved in the educational focus of the University of Erfurt and deal with educational and career choices as long-term self-directed processes. They complement decision research with a life-course perspective and investigate the conditions and consequences of self-selected learning, action, and development contexts.


Prof. Dr. Königstein offers his consultation hours by appointment via email and on request via Webex.

Professorship for Applied Microeconomics
(Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences)
Lehrgebäude 1 / room 0044
Office hours
Thursdays 11-12 a.m. on appointment by email
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