Habilitation process

The legal basis of a habilitation procedure at our Faculty is the Thuringian Higher Education Act and the Habilitation Regulations of the University of Erfurt.

Opening request

The following information and documents are required to apply for the opening of the habilitation procedure:

  • Written application with the following information:
    • Designation of the subject(s) for which the applicant intends to habilitate.
    • Members of the MWK: indication if habilitation in cooperation with MWK
    • If applicable, proposals for reviewers for the written habilitation performance as well as for the examination of the pedagogical-didactic aptitude.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • documentary proof of the doctorate
  • written habilitation thesis in 5 copies and once electronically (PDF)
  • declaration on honour
  • three proposals for the topic of the scientific lecture
  • complete list of scientific publications
  • list of teaching duties performed so far
  • official certificate of good conduct
  • written statement on criminal and disciplinary convictions as well as pending criminal and disciplinary proceedings
  • written statement on any previous or concurrent applications for habilitation elsewhere
  • receipt for the habilitation fee paid

The checklist for the application to open the habilitation procedure can be found here

Contact person

Liska Kübel, B.A.
Administrator for doctoral and habilitation matters as well as BA and MA examination matters (currently off duty)
(Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences)
Lehrgebäude 1 / Raum 0054
Office hours
Mi und Do 10-12 + 14-16
sowie nach Vereinbarung

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