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Economics, Law and Social Sciences


Tackling Social Challenges Interdisciplinarily 

Economics, Law and Social Sciences at the University of Erfurt consists of the disciplines of economics, law, international relations and social science. The different theoretical and methodological traits enable a comprehensive understanding of governmental and non-governmental systems and processes. Since in many areas - whether in economics, politics or science - tasks must increasingly be solved in an interdisciplinary manner, this is are a forward-looking concept. This development is taken into account by the program of studies in economics, law and social siences, which was introduced in 2000.

A special network

From the very beginning, Economics, Law and Social Sciences attracted competent, committed and socially interested students from all over Germany. The personal support and the small campus create an intensive identification with the program and the university - and thus a multifaceted network. 

Alumni today

Today, many alumni work successfully in ministries, in parliament, in think tanks, at universities, in banks and management consulting, in the management sector, in international organizations or in the public sphere. The strength of the program is reflected in the success of its graduates.

The future of Economics, Law and Social Sciences

The Alumni Association actively supports the expansion, further development and independence of political science in research, teaching and practice - especially in times of underfunded higher education. 

The Association

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The Alumni Association maintains the bond to students and the contact between alumni and the Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences at the University of Erfurt.

We would like to support alumni of different years, current students and people interested in political science to enter into a lively exchange, to establish new ties and to discover common interests. At the same time, the association wants to promote political science as an interdisciplinary discipline and the exchange with practice.

We organize alumni meetings as well as public events on topics related to Economics, Law and Social Sciences.



The alumni meetings provide an opportunity for exchange, networking, and a return to the place that shaped all of us personally and intellectually. 

The Alumni Association works with the University of Erfurt, the faculty, individual professors, and the Student Council.

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