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The university focus "Education", which was established in 2008 alongside the focus "Religion" at the University of Erfurt, has developed dynamically in recent years and has focused on the interplay of research on education, school and behavior. This involves research into the acquisition of competencies and the question of the conditions on which this acquisition is based. This concerns language and decision-making development, questions of inclusion and learning, as well as health and media. In its breadth of content, methodological diversity and homogeneity, the field of focus at the University of Erfurt is increasingly interesting for young researchers. Across the Faculties, in particular the Faculty of Education, Law and Social Sciences, but also far into the Faculty of Philosophy, it allows for constant reflection on structural development in research and teaching.

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Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences

Measures motivated by behavioral economics to ensure student success: economics of education.




BMBF: 472,000 EUR (funding for the Erfurt subproject)

Project description

The project deals with measures motivated by behavioral economics to ensure student success. These interventions specifically change framework conditions of studying, taking into account how psychological factors influence students' decisions from an economic point of view. In contrast to "classical" interventions in higher education (such as tutorials, small group instruction, etc.), such measures are typically much less costly. Specifically, HEIs can intervene in these areas by offering 1) voluntary commitments (commitment devices), 2) sending feedback letters on student performance, and 3) designing exam registration modalities (opt-in vs. opt-out). The aim of the project is to obtain robust and generalizable evidence on the effectiveness and cost-benefit of this new class of interventions.

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TH Nuremberg

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Professorship of Economics, especially Economic Policy and Public Economics (Wirtschaftswissenschaften mit Schwerpunkten Wirtschaftspolitik und Finanzwissenschaft)
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