On this page you will find relevant information on the recognition of credits earned at home or abroad.

You will also find information on Learning Agreements for semesters abroad, which are concluded before departure.

Questions and answers about the Learning Agreement, recognition and semester abroad

Will my achievements abroad be recognised? And will my achievements from another degree programme be recognised?

Before your semester abroad you must draw up aLearning Agreement(more on this below from c)) with the responsible study programme coordin ator(Law, Social Sciences, Economics, Management, International Relations). In this agreement, the subject coordinator certifies that the content and workload of the coursework to be completed abroad is equivalent to the modules at the University of Erfurt and can therefore be recognised. Please note that this agreement is the basis for the subsequent recognition of credits earned abroad and without this agreement it is possible that credits will not (or cannot) be fully recognised.

Procedure (please note that the order of the procedure must be followed and that only complete applications for a Learning Agreement will be processed):

  • Once you have chosen a host university abroad, search for modules from this host university that you would like to take and have recognised for your studies at the University of Erfurt before starting your semester abroad.
  • Make a note of these modules from the host university and be sure to indicate which modules from your degree programme should be recognised at the University of Erfurt. You must also enclose the commentary or description of the modules at the host university (in printed form if necessary, if no ERASMUS) with the Learning Agreement so that it can be assessed before the start of your semester abroad whether the content and scope of the modules at the host university correspond to the modules in University of Erfurt.
  • Submit the fully completed Learning Agreement, including the module descriptions, to the BA examination board via ba-pruefungsausschuss@uni-erfurt.de, or alternatively via the Deanery mailbox on the right-hand side of the entrance door to the Deanery (LG 1, room 0052), in good time before the start of the semester abroad.
  • If you discover at the beginning of your semester abroad that a module at the host university does not take place or does not meet your expectations and you (have to) take another module, please inform the subject coordinator immediately by email. If the subject coordinator agrees, this corresponds to a change in the Learning Agreement.
  • After your return, submit the Learning Agreement and proof of successful completion of the modules abroad as well as any email correspondence regarding changes to the BA examination board (see Application for Recognition).

If you follow this procedure, further personal consultations between you and the programme coordinator or the BA Examination Board are usually not necessary. However, if you are unsure whether a particular module can be recognised in Erfurt, please contact your subject coordinator in good time.

Will my language exams and international language certificates be recognised?

Language exams and international language certificates are recognised by the Language Centre.

Further information on this can be found here Language certificates: University of Erfurt (uni-erfurt.de)

Further information on the language modules in the International Relations (IB) examination regulations can be found here.

What is a Learning Agreement (LA)? And how does it work?

A learning agreement is a study contract between the student abroad, the university in Germany and the university abroad. These three parties agree in the Learning Agreement which modules can be completed at the host university and later recognised at the home university.

The Learning Agreement is divided into two tables. Please complete both tables before you start your semester abroad.

You must enter all the courses you wish to attend in Table A. In Table B, these courses must all be listed again. Mark those that you do not wish to have recognised as "Additional work: no recognition desired". For all others, enter the module that you wish to complete in Erfurt. This is done chronologically after the end of your semester abroad.

To complete the table, you will need certain codes (for the host country and the faculties). The table and the links to the specific codes for the host countries and faculties can be found in the footnotes of the Learning Agreement form.

Further information and the LA procedure can be found on the university website under this link.

When should I start my LA if I want to go abroad next semester?

The LA should be completed by the end of the previous semester that you complete before your semester abroad at the University of Erfurt. It is generally advisable to complete the LAs as early as possible. In doing so, you must take into account the respective semester breaks of the individual host universities, which will therefore no longer be available for issuing the LA. In addition, many host universities usually have their own deadlines that they have to take into account.

So if you are going abroad in the coming winter semester, you should start preparing your Learning Agreement in April, as some universities have a summer break from June. This also applies to the summer semester.

I have not yet received any information from my host university about the courses for the next academic year. How should I fill in the LA?

If the current catalogue for your semester is not yet available, ask for the course catalogues of the previous semesters. As you still have the opportunity to change your LAs on site, it is therefore advisable to refer to the course catalogue from the previous year.

Should I also list the language courses on the LA?

According to the "old examination regulations", i.e. B_PO_Sta-2012, B_PO_InB -2014 and B_PO_Man-2012, language courses must be listed in the Learning Agreement. This also applies to language courses according to the new examination regulations (B_PO_Sta-2021, B_PO_InB-2021 and B_PO_Man-2021) if they were completed within the scope of ECTS.

If it is a stay abroad outside the scope of ECTS, a separate learning agreement for language courses must be completed. With the new examination regulations, language courses are now taken/recognised via the Language Centre's PO ZS ENi 2020, which in this respect is also responsible for any examinations itself and with its own examination board.


I am going abroad for a whole year. Do I have to specify all the courses for the two semesters abroad before my stay abroad?

You should enter all the courses you would like to take during your stay abroad in your LA before the start of the semester abroad. Please note that you can change the courses and LAs on site. However, the University of Erfurt and the host university require a confirmed overview of the courses you wish to take and complete during your stay abroad before the start of your stay abroad.

Do I have to enter all the courses that I would like to take at the host university or only the courses that I have recognised at the University of Erfurt?

You must enter all the courses you wish to attend in Table A. These courses must all be listed again in Table B. Mark those that you do not wish to have recognised as "Additional work: no recognition desired". For all others, enter the module that you wish to fulfil in Erfurt.

Can I have a course from abroad that earns more ECTS points than the module in Erfurt recognised? And how do I find out how many ECTS this would be in Erfurt?

The points you should propose for Erfurt depend on your examination regulations. You can also combine two courses from abroad into one Erfurt module if the content fits. The BA examination board has published information on the number of points to be recognised on its website.

I would like to have a graded course from abroad recognised for a non-graded seminar in Erfurt. Is this possible?

This is normally possible. It is always advisable to have a course recognised from abroad that earns more ECTs abroad than are required at the University of Erfurt. This ensures that the modules are recognised. However, recognition is ensured by the Learning Agreement before you start your semester abroad, so you can make sure in advance that your courses can be recognised.

Is it compulsory to have courses from abroad recognised even if the grade is poor?

The recognition of courses from abroad depends on whether you have to have these courses recognised or not. If you have already collected enough courses and ECTS and you have achieved better grades in these modules than in the modules from abroad, it is not mandatory to have these courses recognised. However, if you are dependent on the number of ECTS credits that you took during your semester abroad, you must have them recognised.

How many ECTS points do I have to achieve per semester abroad?

In principle, the receipt of a mobility scholarship may be accompanied by obligations / target values to achieve a certain number of ECTS points. Please enquire accordingly with your scholarship provider. This also depends on your partner university. You should therefore get in touch with the partner university before creating the LA and find out the minimum number of ECTS credits that must be taken at this university in one semester.

How fixed am I with the Learning Agreement? Can I make changes later?

The LA is a contract that can still be changed in the course of time before the start of the semester abroad. Due to the fact that host universities and host universities often only have provisional course plans, it is often necessary to change the LAs again after the deadline, as certain courses are often no longer offered or have a different name. However, because you have completed the LA by the deadline, it is still possible to make changes. It becomes difficult if no LA has been completed by the deadline.

I would like to change my LA. How do I do that?

If you need or want to change your LA before the start of the semester abroad, this is done by creating a new LA, having it signed again by the responsible subject coordinator and the examination board and sending it to the partner university and the International Office as a scan.

After the start of the semester abroad, contact the responsible subject coordinator and discuss these changes by email. While changes in the online learning agreement are possible within the ECTS area, changes for stays in the ECTS area require prior consultation and information from the subject coordinator and the BA examination board.

How do I know whether courses from abroad can be recognised?

The confirmation and assurance that the courses completed abroad will be recognised is provided by the LA. As you conclude a contract with the host university and the UE that you will take these modules, the UE will also confirm that you can have these courses recognised in Erfurt.

However, it is up to you whether you ultimately want to have these courses recognised.

My host faculty has changed the number of ECTS credits for one of my chosen courses. Do I also have to indicate this change in the "Changes" version of the Learning Agreement?

The changes can be entered in the second part (During) of the Learning Agreement. This can be entered after the start of the semester abroad. However, exchange students will also receive an email in which all options are presented.

How does the semester off work?

We recommend that you take a leave of absence from UE during your semester abroad. Advantage: no crediting to the standard period of study, no payment of the semester contribution.

You can still receive child benefit as you can present a certificate of enrolment from a foreign university. Recognition of academic achievements is also possible during the semester of leave. BAFöG beneficiaries apply for BAFöG abroad, which is also possible with a leave of absence.

To take a leave of absence, complete a leave of absence application form by the re-registration deadline. The International Office must confirm the study-related stay abroad. This confirmation can be downloaded from your Mobility Online workflow.

If you decide not to go abroad after applying for a leave of absence, you can change the leave of absence to a re-registration at the SuL department.

Do I have to re-register at the University of Erfurt despite spending a semester abroad?

This depends on whether you have applied for a semester of leave or not. If you have applied for a semester of leave, you do not have to re-register. However, if you have not applied for a semester of leave, you must re-register with UE and transfer the tuition fees on time.

What is the Erasmus+ OLS language test? And is it compulsory?

As far as the language test is concerned, the OLS was mandatory but will be phased out in June 2022. A new tool will be introduced for the upcoming semesters abroad, in which participation in the test is also mandatory. Depending on the language level requirements of the host universities abroad, a language certificate may be mandatory for exchange students. This varies from partner university to partner university and must be agreed individually with the host university.

Is it necessary to choose courses that cover a complete module of the study regulations in order to study abroad?

If possible, you should propose a full module in Erfurt as a counterpart to the courses at your university abroad, sometimes a course is also possible. This can sometimes be one point more than at your target university and sometimes one point less. The examination board of the Stawi faculty has a table on its website showing the maximum number of points possible.

Can I take my outstanding ECTS from the Studium Fundamentale abroad? And if so, what do I need to bear in mind for recognition?

Every open ECTS can be taken during the semester abroad, including all ECTS as part of the Studium Fundamentale. However, the LA must ensure that the modules you wish to take can also be recognised as part of the Studium Fundamentale.