Enrollment procedure for seminars in Social Sciences

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The procedure is open to students of the Q-phase.

Students of the 1st or 2nd semester do not participate in the online registration!

The online registration procedure starts on Thursday, March, 21, 2024.

The end of the procedure is Thursday, March, 28, 2024, 12pm.

Click here to go to the Social Sciences enrollment procedure.

Current note

Please note that you can now add up to 5 seminars to your preference list!

Even if you only want to attend one seminar, you can indicate up to 5 preferences. It is therefore recommended to indicate as many preferences as possible; this will help to allocate the seminars you prefer.

FAQs about the online enrollment process

Procedure of the online registration process (OAV)

1. follow the link 

2. register with your e-mail address assigned by the University of Erfurt (e.g. max.mustermann@uni-erfurt.de).

3. after registration you will receive a confirmation, a password and a link to the login website to this e-mail.

4. log in using your e-mail address and password.

5. select up to five seminars from the available seminars for online registration.

6. IMPORTANT!! Select your seminars in order of priority (most important seminar first).

7. make sure that the seminars you choose correspond to your examination regulations.

How are seminars assigned?

Whether you get a seminar does NOT depend on the time of your registration or enrollment at the OAV.  So registering quickly at the beginning of the OAV does not increase your chance of getting a seminar place. Prioritization is only based on relevance to the completion of your studies.


I have registered but my login details are not arriving in my email inbox. What now?


It may happen that there are times in between when access to the server is increased, e.g. directly at the start time of the OAV. Requests to the server will then only be answered with a delay. Likewise it can happen that during the registration with the @uni-erfurt.de - mail address the first and/or last name was not written correctly or the "." between first and last name was forgotten. If you really do not receive any login data after a reasonable period of time after your registration, please contact the Dean's Office of Economics, Law and Social Sciences.


There are other courses in the course catalog or some courses from the course catalog are not in the OAV selection. Is the overview table on the OAV homepage correct?


Since the organization and implementation of the OAV is the direct responsibility of the departmental advisor and closely cooperates with the departmental advisor and the course planning of the Social Sciences, the available selection of courses offered in the OAV is up to date at the time of implementation, which may, however, deviate from the official course catalog. However, no guarantee can be made as to the remaining status at the start of the lecture. If you have any further questions, please contact the Dean's Office of Economics, Law and Social Sciences. 


Do I have to select five seminars when registering, but if I only want to take fewer seminars?

No, you do not necessarily have to select the full number of seminars if you do not wish to attend them.

However, you can also indicate up to 5 preferences if you would like to attend fewer seminars. It is therefore recommended that you indicate as many preferences as possible; this will help to allocate the seminars you prefer.

Please deregister from seminars with the lecturers if you do not wish to take them, so that the places are released for other students!

I have successfully registered with OAV at the seminars, but afterwards I realized that I have selected the wrong seminar. What to do?


For this case, please contact the Dean's Office of Economics, Law and Social Sciences. By consultation, the selection can be corrected in certain cases. However, this is only possible during the implementation period of the OAV. After the end of the OAV, changes in the seminar selection are only possible in consultation with the respective lecturers.

Do I have to participate in the online registration process? Is there another way to enroll in the seminars?

If you are a BA student in Economics, Law and Social Sciences at the University of Erfurt and you want/need to take seminars in the area of Social Sciences, registration via the OAV is the only binding way to enroll in the BA seminars in Social Sciences.


I missed the registration process for the BA Social Sciences seminars. What to do?


After the end of the OAV, the list with the free remaining places can be viewed publicly (on the OAV homepage or on the written notices). Please contact the respective lecturers to inquire about participation.


Notes for students with the combination of Social Sciences and International Relations.


The OAV applies to you as it does to everyone else. You will be shown all seminars that can be taken according to the examination regulations PO B Sta 2012 and PO B IntB 2014. All IB seminars are always first half filled with IB students, so that a smooth study is possible.