Professors and employees


Professorship for Public Law and Modern Legal History

Endowed Chair for Civil and Corporate Law

Professorship for Public Law, especially Constitutional and Parliamentary Law (in cooperation with the Thuringian Parliament)

Professorship for German and European Civil and Commercial Law

International administrative law and international law

Non-tenured, honorary professorships and externals

Social Sciences

Professsur for political education, especially for the political system of Germany

Professorship for Democracy Promotion and Digital Policy

Professorship for Political Theory

Professorship for Political Sociology

Professorship for Structural Analysis of Modern Societies

Professorship for International Relations

Professorship for Methods of Empirical Social Research

International politics/academic employees in the field of "International Relations

Professorship for International Politics and Conflict Research

Professorship for "Democratic Institutions in the Global South

Non-tenured, honorary professorships and externals


Professorship in economics with a focus on economic policy and finance

Professorship for Applied Microeconomics

Professorship in Economics with a focus on international economics and econometrics

Professorship for Organization and Management

Professorship for Business Administration with a focus on International and Strategic Management

Professorship for International and Monetary Macroeconomics

Coordination of Bachelor of Economics, Law and Social Sciences - Economics concentration incl. Management

Non-tenured, honorary professorships and externals