Unique in Germany

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The Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences - Law concentration unites the subject areas of Economics, Law and Social Sciences - Social Sciences - Economics into an innovative teaching and research program. When it began its operations in 2000, it was the first faculty in the German-speaking world to reconnect the above subjects, which had differentiated over the course of the 19th and 20th centuries, into an interdisciplinary programme. With the foundation, we took into account the societal challenges that required an interdisciplinary perspective on increasingly complex problems. In the meantime, the Economics, Law and Social Sciences teaching and research program has become firmly established in the German university landscape and has also found several imitators.

The research in political science interweaves disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives and, in addition to basic theoretical questions from economics, social science and law, is devoted, among other things, to the transformation of state and market under the conditions of the current European multi-level system as well as to the political, economic and legal instruments for crisis management.

With the B.A. Economics, Law and Social Sciences, the M.A. Economics, Law and Social Sciences and the Master's programme in Public Policy, which is taught in English, we offer our approximately 800 students the best conditions for developing an interdisciplinary perspective on the societal challenges of the 21st century. The fact that most students come from outside the region is a clear sign of the high attractiveness of the degree programs.