Completed and supervised dissertations

Ongoing proceedings:

Joly, N.-L., The Value Gap Problem in the Online Exploitation of Music and the Creation of a Workable Licensing Market (working title).

Duhanic, I., Is this Arts or can it go? A copyright stocktaking of conceptual artworks (working title ).

Rott, F., Market Abuse through Breach of Law (working title)

Frey, L., Deposit Requirements in Compulsory Contracting. A Deposit Law Consideration of the Decisions "Orange-Book-Standard" of the BGH and "Huawei/ZTE" of the ECJ (working title).


Successfully completed:

Markou, P., The protection of geographical indications under national law alongside Regulation (EU) No. 1151/2012 (2019).

Phd requests

Requests for supervisor of a doctorate have to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The general requirements for admission to the doctorate have been clarified independently.
  2. The cover letter is accompanied by a brief, but as meaningful as possible academic/professional curriculum vitae and copies of relevant performance records.
  3. A sufficiently concrete dissertation concept is attached to the cover letter, which can form the basis of further discussions. In terms of content, it should be within the scope of the departmental title and take the form of a short synopsis of the planned project (min. 1, max. 4 pages).