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The Brandt School’s Master of Public Policy (MPP) is a two-year interdisciplinary degree program. It is designed for young academics and professionals who wish to pursue a career in public service, including government agencies, international organizations and the non-profit sector. The MPP program equips future decision makers with the knowledge and practical skills they will need to advance the public interest and make sound policy decisions. 

Drawn from political science, economics, sociology, public administration and law, the MPP curriculum builds the skills and knowledge base required of a professional policy analyst. It includes courses in political and economic analysis, statistics, public management and ethics. Throughout the coursework, research and field experience, students develop their understanding of the policy process and the institutions and actors involved in that process. 

The MPP is a practice-oriented, non-consecutive Master degree with a standard duration of four semesters, or two years of full-time study, resulting in 120 credit points (ECTS). The degree corresponds to a second cycle/level 7 degree of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

The following pages contain information on the curriculum and courses of the MPP. For the MPP in a nutshell, please have a look at the following documents:

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Based on our students' and faculty's learnings, the Brandt School initiated a project on the Internationalization and Digitalization of Education in 2021.


To ensure a high quality of teaching, the Brandt School strives to continuously improve its academic services to students and lecturers. Students are closely coached and supervised throughout their studies at the Brandt School and all courses offered are regularly evaluated to maintain the high quality of our MPP program. These efforts lead to a very high rate of students successfully completing their studies at the Brandt School and starting suitable careers afterwards.

Students are supported by both faculty members and administrative staff of the Brandt School throughout their studies, from admission until after graduation.

During their studies at the Brandt School, students may request a professor or lecturer as an individual academic mentor. Consultations with the academic mentor ar meant to support students in their study choices or advise on academic decisions. Based on each student's individual academic background and career interests, the academic mentor may also offer career advice in terms of suggesting internship areas, practice-oriented thesis topics and appropriate career options.

Furthermore, students can also discuss the academic schedule with the academic program managers and the managing director. Administrative staff ensures that all students take all mandatory courses and earn enough credits each semester. As part of our career services, students will get especially advice on all matters related to internships by our staff. As the internship is a mandatory part of the curriculum and an important step towards professional life, it is important that students work in an organization or institution that is related to public policy, matches the interest and sharpens the profile of the respective student.

Student Profiles

Brandt School students are strategic thinkers, go-getters and use their entrepreneurship skills to drive innovative change. Chosen on the basis of their outstanding undergraduate university grades, their interdisciplinary orientation, talent and high motivation, they have excellent knowledge of the English language, and often work experience in policy making, diplomacy, public service and non-governmental sector and similar fields.

Student Publications

General facts about the student body

The average age of newly enrolled MPP students is 26. There are currently about 100 students enrolled at the Brandt School 58% of the enrolled students are female and 42% are male. More than 780 students have graduated from the Brandt School since 2004.

So far, students from 89 countries have chosen to study at the Brandt School and represent all regions of the world.

  • Africa - 10%
  • Asia - 40%
  • Europe - 28%
  • Oceania - 1%
  • North America - 13%
  • South America - 8% 

MPP Experiences

See what our alumni and students have to say about their experiences at the Brandt School and what made their time with us memorable!

Ushree Barua


The immersion in an international environment is the best part of being at the Willy Brandt School. It is truly a great opportunity to grow, not only as an individual with pluralistic values, but also as a responsible global stakeholder.

- Ushree Barua, Brandt School Alumna


With a class coming from over 20 countries, the Brandt School offers a truly international and diverse learning environment. I treasure every exchange with my fellows. It deepens my perspective and reminds me of my blind spots, making me a more understanding and humble person --- a better world citizen. Also, different specializations in the program open doors to different fields, and help me to discover my potential.

- Clara Tak Yan Law, Current Student

Clara Tak Yan Law

You can find more reviews at Google and at Studycheck.de.

Video Introduction to the MPP program

Introduction to the MPP Program

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