Dr Nigar Muradkhanli


Postdoctoral Researcher (Willy Brandt School of Public Policy)


C19 - Research Building "Weltbeziehungen" / C19.02.36

Visiting address

University of Erfurt
Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
C19 - Research Building "Weltbeziehungen"
Max-Weber-Allee 3
99089 Erfurt

Dr Nigar Muradkhanli

Research Area

Global Public Policy

Short Biography

Nigar Muradkhanli is a postdoctoral researcher, currently holding the initialization scholarship of the University of Erfurt under the "Female Professor Programme of the State and the Federal States".  Her research focuses on supply chains for Germany’s clean energy technologies.

In her doctoral research at the Bavarian School of Public Policy (Hochschule für Politik München), Nigar presented an analysis of German-Russian gas relations in the context of new political and economic realities. The study explained the structure of gas relations between Germany and Russia and how they have been changed under the influence of geopolitical, security and domestic factors.

Prior to her doctorate, Nigar led major international energy conferences for about nine years, which subsequently had a significant impact on her choice of energy research. Nigar speaks good German, fluent English, Russian, Turkish and her native Azerbaijani. Her areas of ​​expertise include energy and economic security, interstate relations with a major focus on energy cooperation, government-private sector interaction. Nigar is an author of several academic publications covering her research area, and had the chance to make a small contribution to the third edition of the “Historical Dictionary of the Green Movement” by Miranda Schreurs and Elim Papadakis.