Call for Abstracts for the World Comparative Law (WCL) Special Issue on Public Law and Political Oppositions

Call for Submissions: Special Issue on Public Law and Political Oppositions

World Comparative Law invites submissions for an upcoming special issue delving into the realm of public law and political oppositions. Despite the acknowledged significance of oppositional forces in shaping political landscapes, the legal safeguards and precise functions of political oppositions within public law remain relatively uncharted territory.

As constitutional democracies face global challenges, understanding the role of opposition groups becomes increasingly crucial in combating constitutional decay. In this vein, we seek contributions that explore diverse themes, such as the scope of legal protections for political oppositions or the dynamics of compliance and non-compliance. 

Join us in shedding light on these critical issues and advancing the discourse on the intersection of public law and political opposition. Submit your contributions until 1st of June!

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