Education, School, and Behaviour

Studentin leitet Kinder an

The university focus "Education", which was established in 2008 alongside the focus "Religion" at the University of Erfurt, has developed dynamically in recent years and focuses on the interaction of research on education, school and behaviour. This involves research into the acquisition of competencies and the question of the conditions on which this acquisition is based. This concerns language and decision making development, questions of inclusion and learning as well as health and media. In its breadth of content, methodological diversity and homogeneity, the research focus at the University of Erfurt is increasingly interesting for young researchers. This allows for a constant reflection on structural developments in research and teaching, especially in the Faculties of Education and Economics, Law and Social Sciences, but also far into the Faculty of Philosophy.

Projects of the research focus (German only)


Under the title "Spreading a net for children: Recognising and using risks and opportunities for development", the now "6th Erfurt Symposium for Development and Learning" will take place at the University of Erfurt from 18 January 2021. Due to the…

The website of the much-cited Corona Snapshot Monitoring (COSMO) has been extended by an interactive element: the so-called COSMO Explorer.

The research association "Dictatorship Experience and Transformation" invites you to a colloquium at the University of Erfurt in the winter semester 2020/21. It will take place Thursdays from 16 to 18 o'clock in digital form. The first date is 12…

Who is actually sitting in front of the screen? Why does nobody answer my question in the forum? When should I answer the many email inquiries about the seminar? The (first) digital summer semester is over and the next challenge is just around the…

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