Education, School, and Behaviour

Studentin leitet Kinder an

The university’s research focus "Education", which was established in 2008 alongside the research focus "Religion" at the University of Erfurt, has developed dynamically in recent years and is based on the interaction of research on education, school and behaviour. This involves research into the acquisition of competencies and the question of the conditions these acquisition is based on. This concerns language and decision making development, questions of inclusion and learning as well as health and media. In its breadth of content, its methodological diversity and homogeneity, the research focus at the University of Erfurt is increasingly popular among early stage researchers. This allows for a constant reflection on structural developments in research and teaching, especially in the Faculties of Education and Economics, Law and Social Sciences, and the Faculty of Philosophy.

Projects of the research focus (German only)


Under the title "Bytes and bias – digital political education, but how?", this year's "Blickwinkel" conference series, a forum for education and science critical of anti-Semitism and racism, will take place at the University of Erfurt from 16 to 17…

Over the next two years, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the European Social Fund will be supporting a new project entitled "BBNE Hubs" (Networks of Vocational Education and Training for Sustainable Development) with a total of…

The results of the latest data collection of the Planetary Health Action Survey from April have been analysed and have now been published by the PACE research team.

Due to stress, deadline pressure and the urge to improve performance, many people turn to legal or illegal substances to increase their mental performance – i.e. their concentration, alertness or memory. Researchers from Bielefeld University, the…

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