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Model United Nations

Model UN is a Stufu Seminar at the University Erfurt and is being organized in cooperation with external lecturers. On the following pages you can learn more about Model UN. 

What is MUN?

Sitzung der UN von oben

Model United Nations (MUN) conferences are academic simulations of the United Nations. Students take on the roles of diplomats and simulate the work of the United Nations and its various committees. 

At national and international MUN conferences participants from all throughout the world discuss challenging and educational topics, negotiate and finally write resolutions.

MUN conferences are based upon the diplomatic work ethic and procedure of the United Nations and the UN Charter. Conferences are generally held in English. 

Participating in MUN conferences enables students to broaden their understanding of the United Nations system and its intercultural dialogue. Furthermore it allows them to experience complex processes of international politics and provides training in research, rhetorics, negotiation and language skills. 

Worldwide there are more than 400 MUN conferences. The largest and most well-known simulation for students is the yearly National Model United Nations conference (NMUN) in New York City.

Students at the University Erfurt can take part in the seminar as part of their classes for Studium Fundamentale. Additionally, they will participate in the yearly EfMUN conference, which is hosted by Akademische Simulation Erfurt e.V..

Seminar MUN

Each summer and winter term we offer a seminar in preparation for the final conferences NMUN Internationaland NMUN NY, U.S., as well as a European conference, respectively,. This seminar is listed as a StuFu course named „Model United Nations“ and participants can gain 6 credit points. We encourage students in higher semesters and/or Master students to apply for our seminar as well. 

During these Model UN simulations participants take on the roles of individual member states of the United Nations and discuss global issues in various committees of the United Nations. During the final conference, participants usually represent one country as a group. 

In order to be adequately prepared for such a task, delegates (participants) focus on several key issues such as: 

- the country assignment (its culture, political environment, geography, history etc.)

- diplomacy 

- rhetorical skills 

- negotiation skills and 

- the United Nations system.

Participants meet regularly with the tutors as well as the lecturers to discuss the above mentioned topics during the seminar, which is held in English. Furthermore, the team attends various workshops and preparatory simulations in Germany such as EfMUN and GerMUN.

Participants do receive credit points for their work and submit position papers for the individual conferences, which will be graded.  The participation in the final conference NMUN in NYC is encouraged, however, it is not obligatory to attend the seminar.

During the summer term of 2016 we have offered an additional course, which prepared participants for the final conference National Model United Nations in Kobe, Japan. Due to the high interest in our program we have decided to offer additional courses during each summer term. In 2017 we offered a course in preparation for the NMUN conference held in Banff National Park, Canada, as well as to Xi'an, China, in 2018, and Kobe, Japan, in 2022.

National Model United Nations

Sitzung der NMUN

The National Model United Nations conference (NMUN) in NYC is the world's largest conference of its kind. Each year it draws more than 5000 participants from all over the world and allows them to represent various member states in up to 25 committees of the United Nations. The committees discuss current global issues such as refugees, climate change and the empowerment of women and girls. Throughout the conference the delegates discuss and negotiate in order to finally submit draft resolutions and vote upon these. The conference language is English. 

NMUN is amongst the most realistic and most professional conferences of its kind and is appealing not only due to its close proximity to the UN headquarters in NYC. The delegations, which come from as many as 140 member states of the UN, prepare for several months prior to the conference and prove their academic excellence throughout the conference days. The highlight is traditionally the closing ceremony, which is held in the General Assembly Hall of the UN headquarters. It is in this great hall that the best delegations are being awarded with delegation and individual awards. 

Nevertheless, the true reward of the delegates' participation in NMUN is the experience they gain: Not only is NMUN a tremendous opportunity to network and collaborate in an international and intercultural context, but it furthermore advocates for peaceful and constructive discussions and negotiations about peace and security topics, environmental and educational issues as well as topics regarding the advancement of Human Rights. 

Organization Team

Organization Team
The Model United Nations seminar is organized by a team of one professor, one external lecturer, and experienced students, who participated in previous years. 

Prof. Dr. Oliver Kessler, Chair International Relations
Sarah Duryea, MA, External Lecturer & Faculty Advisor
The seminar and the yearly conference EfMUN are organized in cooperation with the associated organization Akademische Simulationen Erfurt e.V.. 



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Akademische Simulationen Erfurt e.V.

Our organization „Akademische Simulationen Erfurt e.V.“ (ASE) was founded in 2003 and builds the backbone of the Model UN project. We organize, structure, and coordinate the different projects of Model UN in close cooperation with the International Relations department as well the University of Erfurt. We host our own conference EfMUN in January of each year. Furthermore, we organize study trips to Berlin, Geneva, Beijing, Washington D.C., amongst others, in connection with our participation in various Model UN conferences. In order to adequately and best support our members we depend on the generous support of our Sponsoren   that support the travel expenses our delegates are faced with. 2015 - 2018 we were honored to have Dr. Dieter-L. Koch, MdEP as patron of our organization. Previous patrons include Marion Walsman as well as the former Minister President of Thuringia Dr. Bernhard Vogel. 

Board Members 

Current Board Members

  • President    Sarah Duryea
  • Vice President    Norovsuren Enkhbaatar
  • Treasurer    Johanna Günkel

Previous Years

2018 - 2020

  • President    Sarah Duryea
  • Vice President    Lydia Wachtel
  • Treasurer    Norovsuren Enkhbaatar

2016 - 2018

  • President    Sarah Duryea
  • Vice President    Paul Witzenhausen
  • Treasurer    Nora Henschke  


  • President    Paul Witzenhausen
  • Vice President    Sarah Zapf
  • Charlotte Krause
  • Mareike Voß
  • Treasurer    Dimitri Saramonow
  • Assessors    Amalya Tonapetyan


  • President    Lydia Weber
  • Vice President     Sarah Duryea
  • Jens Anderer
  • Katja Sagerer
  • Treasurer    Alia Smektala


  • President    Hosea Handoyo
  • Vice President    Marleen Schreier
  • Florian Emmerich
  • Florian Hader
  • Treasurer    Nora Henschke
  • Assessor    Sarah Duryea
  • Peter Tscherny


  • President    Juliane Weber
  • Vice President    Anke Schwarzkopf
  • Treasurer    Carsten Dümichen


  • President    Peter Tscherny
  • Vice President    Marleen Schreier
  • Treasurer    Elena Leonhardt