Jan-Hendrik King

Dissertation Project: "The Law of the University and the Law in the University".

In recent years, universities have been subject to a number of fundamental reform efforts, some of which extend far into the internal structures of the institutions. These include, in addition to the reforms of higher education laws at the federal and state levels and the reforms of study operations summarized under the keyword 'Bologna', above all the so-called 'excellence competitions'. These politically induced reforms have as their direct goal the 'restructuring' of universities. The starting points of the work are questions about the legal requirements that affect the universities and the question of how the universities deal with them. In particular, the question of what role(s) law plays within the university and what function(s) it thus performs for and within the university organization will be examined in greater depth. In this way, the effects of political reforms on teaching and research will be demonstrated. Particular importance is attached to law as a medium and instrument of exchange processes between the university organization and external actors, as well as a central component of (internal and external) communication.


Studies / academic and professional appointments

03/2014 to 02/2017 Research employee at the University of Erfurt; Chair of Political Education, in particular the German political system 06/2010 to 09/2013 Research employee in the BMBF-funded joint project "University Management as Intraorganizational Research Governance", coordination by HIS/DZHW (Dr. Georg Jongmanns) WS 2008/09 to WS 2009/10 Research assistant at the Institute of Political Science of the University of Leipzig (Prof. Dr. Andreas Anter) WS 2003/04 to SoSe 2008 Tutor/Instructor at the Institute of Political Science of the University of Leipzig (Prof. Dr. Sigrid Meuschel and Prof. Dr. Andreas Anter) WS 2001 to SoSe 2007 Studies at the University of Leipzig: Cultural Studies and Political Science (Magister Artium October 2007)